Top 10 Meditation Apps

With this top meditation apps selection learning how to find peace from within and boost a healthy state of mind is now at your fingertips!

Kick start the new season in a beautiful way and defeat any remnants of the Summer blues with this month’s special on “zenitude”.
And all you need to become proficient is your mobile device and just a little time each day.

Scientific studies prove that having a daily meditation practice for as little as a few minutes helps to reduce stress and increase awareness, general health and wellbeing.
Plus it helps boosts your creativity efficiency, and gives you a sense of clarity and purpose in life.
But it can often be quite difficult to learn how to let go, even if for just a few minutes a day. And getting the motivation to mediate can be especially challenging for those who are consistently on the go or under constant pressure to achieve more.

Owing to the boom of user-friendly apps, becoming proficient at meditation and reinforcing your awareness no longer requires heavy practice and dedication: So no more excuses not to let go and unleash your inner power!

Learning how to find peace from within and boost a healthy state of mind is now at your fingertips!

So let’s find a comfortable seat and relax to explore the following selection of 10 highly rated and user-friendly meditation apps for all tastes and situations.
They include both silent and guided mindfulness and transcendental mediation sessions and are tailored for those of you who are on the run or at home and for beginners or advanced practitioners of the zen way of life: so there must be at least one if not more to suit your needs!
Their only side effect, rest assured, will be to make your meditation practice easier, and addictive by putting you right into that peaceful zone…

1 – Headspace
Ideal for novices who would like to develop a meditation practice, this nicely designed app offers a 10-day starter programme of guided meditation practices by Andy Puddicombe – a meditation and mindfulness expert. Heapspace teaches you meditation in a playful way.
It comes with easy instructions and contains various features, including the option to set reminders when it is time to meditate, to set “mindful moments” and the ability to monitor your progress.
You can also upgrade the app if you wish to explore more advanced sessions.

Great to get a meditation practice in a swift and fun fashion.
iPhone – Free
Android – Free

2 – Calm
This beautifully designed app not only helps you meditate but also helps you relax, sleep and boost your energy levels.
It comes with 7 guided meditation sessions from 2 to 30 minutes, 10 different nature sounds backgrounds and 16 music tracks to help you unleash your inner peace.
It also gives you the option to upgrade your app with 50 premium guided meditations to enhance your focus, creativity, confidence and improve your sleep.

Great to quickly reach a state of deep relaxation and improve your sleep quality.
iPhone – Free
Android – Free

3 – The Mindfulness app
The mindfulness app provides silent or guided meditation sessions.
With sittings ranging from 3 to 30 minutes, this app gives you flexibility, especially if you are busy and desperately in need of a boost to your zenitude.
You can set reminders for when you wish to meditate to ensure a regular practice. The app also provides statistics around your meditation sessions to help you keep track of your progress and includes a store from which you can explore a variety of guided meditations by some of the most renowned teachers.

Ideal for reaching your state of zenitude if you only have a few minutes a day to let go.
iPhone – $1.99
Android – $1.99

4 – Mindfulness Mediation ‘Mnf’ ~ Mental Workout
With the Mindfulness Mediation app you will learn the basics of meditation or deepen your practice through easy guided meditation sessions by Stephan Bodian – author of “Meditation for Dummies”.
Sessions range from 5 to 40 minutes. The app also includes a 10-minute deep relaxation exercise to prepare you for meditation, a checklist for optimal meditation practice and the option to send a free meditation session to a friend.
It’s a nice and easy way to reconnect with your inner self.

Good for beginner and for those who want to become more proficient in mindfulness meditation practice.
iPhone – $0.99
Android – Free

5 – Simply Being Guided Meditation
Simple to use, this app teaches the basic skills of meditation in guided sessions ranging from 5 to 20 minutes to reach peace from within.
It contains many tips and easy instructions and support for the beginner and more experienced meditation practitioner alike.
You also have the choice to add soothing music or sounds of nature as background to your guided session.

Perfect for beginners to learn the ropes of meditation in a simple and speedy fashion.
iPhone – $0.99
Android – $0.99

6 – Buddhify
Ideal for meditation on the go, Buddhify is simple and playful.
It offers over 40 custom guided meditation tracks with options to customize meditations between 14 different parts of your day be it if you are at work, walking, at the gym, at home, traveling, eating, having trouble sleeping and so on.
With this app ensuring your zen fix for any part of your day, you have no excuse not to let go. The app also comes with a multitude of tips to optimize your mindfulness practice.

Great to meditate on the go, be it on your way to work, at the gym or shopping, you name it
iPhone – $2.99
Android – Coming soon

7 – Relax and Rest Guided Meditations
This app is designed specifically to help you wind down. It contains three easy guided meditations, including “breath awareness guided meditation “ (5 minutes), “deep rested guided meditation” (13 minutes) and “whole body guided relaxation” (24 minutes) with soothing sounds of nature by an Emmy Award-winning nature sound recordist.
You will learn how to deepen your breathing and dive into relaxation mode in an easy fashion. This is the ideal partner to help you fall asleep…

Good to dive into relaxation mode and deep sleep.
iPhone – $0.99
Android – $0.99

8 – Ananda ~ Living in Love
Ananda contains 22 guided transcendental meditation (TM) sessions by Deepak Chopra – renowned physician, author and public speaker and expert in the field of mind-body healing and wellbeing – together with the Chopra Center for meditation.
The app helps you to raise consciousness in deeply relaxing and soothing sessions with mantras.
You can customize the length and background music of your practice by shuffling the 22 different soundtracks for up to 59 minutes per session to create a multitude of unique mindful meditation experiences.

Perfect to relax and cultivate mindful awareness with a TM practice.
iPhone – Free
Android – Free

9 – Equanimity
If you already have a meditation practice and prefer to meditate in silence, the Equanimity app is for you. It is basically a silent meditation timer and tracker of your sittings designed to motivate you to maintain a regular practice.
Simple to use, it will alert you with a gentle bell when you start your practice and at each interval you set to help you refocus your silent practice. It also includes a journal option to list, describe and monitor your sessions as well as a graphical chart of your sittings.

Good for more advanced practitioners who like to meditate in silence.
iPhone – $4.99
Android – Coming soon

10 – Smiling Mind Corporate
Developed by a team of psychologists with expertise in youth and adolescent therapy, the Smiling Mind app is a designed specifically for young people (from 7-11 years old to adult) to help them de-stress, overcome anxiety and stay calm through fun and easy meditation practices and tips.
With this playful and smartly designed app, the youngsters will have fun learning to meditate and to let go!

Perfect to attract the youngsters to have a meditation practice.
iPhone – Free
Android – Free


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