Spirituality and Tech

Technology can even be the ultimate tool to enhance our wellbeing. The key is balance.

Welcome to the world of Spirituality and Tech.

There have been a whole host of articles over the past two years touting the benefits of living a more connected life. While connection is good, how can we enjoy tech without letting it overwhelm us?

As women, it is essential to honor the Yin principle and be receptive. Too much alpha action throws us out of balance. The unavoidable self-serving quality of new technology can often feel counter-productive to our natural rhythms and intuitive nature.

For all of the Apple Babies whose worlds have been sculpted by the evolution of the iPhone’s latest operating system, technology seems like the ultimate enhancement tool. But these advancements don’t have to be distracting. The key is balance.

Apple’s original founder, Steve Jobs, had a very serious zen and contemplative mindset that informed his minimalist approach to design. Because the essence of its ethos had remarkably spiritual underpinnings, this new tech can allow us a fresh look at spirituality in the modern world.

Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Einstein had one thing in common: they all sought to live simple lives, a goal that allowed them to produce the highest quality of thought. Their minds weren’t cluttered with unnecessary fodder, rather they were ruthless and radical in their engagement with the world and in their self discipline.

The feature of a good design is one that is intuitive, welcoming, and requires little thought. It should take only a few, simple pathways to get from A – Z. Good devices expand our awareness by offering a new lens through which we are able see the world and ourselves in it.

Technology is not the problem, nor is it the solution. What matters is awareness, engagement, and wisdom.

The goal is to let technology aid your focus, not control your attention.

Here are some apps that can help you strike that balance

Tech Tonic enhances your lifestyle by helping you develop an efficient distraction-free work flow zone. The Marie Kondo for Technology.

Wunderlist and Rememberthemilk are great To-Do list apps that help you organize your tasks and give you clear focus for getting them done.

Evernote and GoogleKeep perfectly capture and document all your inspirational thoughts.

Inneract – Re-write our rules of social interaction and break normal patterns of behavior by connecting with a total stranger over a spontaneous and meaningful activity.

The self-serving quality of new technology can often feel counter-productive to our natural rhythms and intuitive nature.

Technology and spirituality can go together when it helps relax our lives. When we feel organized and focused, we have more time to live in the present and participate in new, challenging activities that can increase our happiness.

Using technology the right way gives you the opportunity to practice stillness and access your inner reservoir of wisdom.

Here are some good practices for balance

1) Every day, take five minutes to close your eyes and focus on the motions of your breath, the rising and falling of your belly.
2) Whenever you receive a message, pause and pay attention to the inner energy in your body. If you read something that upsets you, and you are uncertain about which was to act, make sure you pause. Taking this moment before you react will lower your stress and improve your wellbeing.
3) Practice the LAW OF INTENTION AND DESIRE. Mindful sitting, walking, and eating can also improve our focus, our capacity for joy, and our ability to feel quintessentially feminine.

Soren Gordhammer founded the Wisdom 2.0 conference, which explores how to live with greater presence, meaning, and mindfulness in the age of technology. He states, “Technology is not the problem, nor is it the solution. What matters is awareness, engagement, and wisdom.”

Don’t rule out tech as unhealthy. Instead, use technology to supplement your bliss and wellbeing. Once you strike that balance, you can only live a better life.

Shelley Lewis

Shelley Lewis is an entrepreneur designing forward-thinking lifestyle brands in publishing, wellness, and the arts with the mission to help people live well. A passionate traveller and humanitarian her latest venture, Sacred Space NY, is a bespoke lifestyle company offering inner guidance practices and techniques to help clients de-stress and find more equanimity and balance in their lives. She splits her time between New York and London.


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