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Painting the Inner Landscape

Today’s modern woman (yes, YOU) is the ultimate multi-tasker. How do we keep on refueling for success?

Today’s modern woman (yes, YOU) is the ultimate multi-tasker. She is gracefully equipped to raise children, manage play dates, maintain an orderly home, do her part within the community, follow her own creative path, and first and foremost, keep the man she loves blissfully happy at all times.

Yes, as women, we’re in the business of flourishing.

But, how do we keep on refueling for success?

The pleasure of designing a life uniquely suited to YOU requires a whole array of skills that have to be learned as you go.

At times, life becomes less about the basic ideal of perfection and more about high-speed maintenance. So, to be your Rock Star Queen self and live in sync with your deepest desires cultivating a serene and quiet inner landscape can be essential.

It’s easy to get swept up in the minutia of our daily lives. We are drowning in information and starving for real wisdom. The importance of disconnecting and getting in sync with our natural rhythm will help us find the balance we need to march forward in the direction of our dreams.

As women, we are inner dwellers, our answers rise up within us. The stillness of this space allows us time to rest and reflect and think about what matters.

Spirituality could be described as ‘the art of looking within’.

There is a deep desire in all of us to know ourselves and live in harmony with our most essential nature. We want to feel alive, but when we encounter challenges and difficult experiences we tend to withdraw from living fully. Our ability to flourish seems impacted and along with it our willpower and self-esteem.

By cultivating a daily practice that honors stillness, we are more open to our natural self,  helping to honor the moments that lead us to new discoveries, turning both the magical and mundane aspects of life into opportunities for spiritual growth.

Spirituality could be described as ‘the art of looking within’ in order to gain insight into our own path, but to do so requires us to become aware of where and how we are placing our attention in any given moment.

What would you be willing to embrace if you knew it would immeasurably enrich your life?

Contrary to our fast paced programming, creating a moment in your day to honor silence and passive listening, free of action-oriented behavior, can truly lead to benefits far beyond the commitment you make.

Becoming more spiritual is like learning a new language for living, one that focuses on tapping into your inner power to consciously achieve what you truly want in our life.

Your time and energy are yours to apply most effectively. Always work for your own inner voice and recognize that you should and do regard yourself as a free agent and the CEO of your life.

Becoming more spiritual is like learning a new language for living, turning our attention from our outer landscape to our inner landscape.

Through practices such as yoga and meditation we come to recognize that there is a calm and silent space within, a sanctuary, un-tethered by the noise of our everyday experience that we can return to over and over again to help restore balance and find inner guidance, no matter what is going on in our lives. The cultivation of this inner landscape simply enhances the mechanism through which we see the world and ultimately our ability to flourish.

As women, how we satisfy our longings, that co-exist on an emotional, spiritual and physical level has a lot to do with turning our attention from our outer landscape to our inner landscape.

Advice:  Get dressed, sip your coffee and before you head out, sit for two minutes in a comfortable chair with your back straight and open your arms in a gesture of receiving. For Moms: Find two minutes anytime you can, but do find them!

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Shelley Lewis

Shelley Lewis is an entrepreneur designing forward-thinking lifestyle brands in publishing, wellness, and the arts with the mission to help people live well. A passionate traveller and humanitarian her latest venture, Sacred Space NY, is a bespoke lifestyle company offering inner guidance practices and techniques to help clients de-stress and find more equanimity and balance in their lives. She splits her time between New York and London.


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