Clean Plates

Stop what you’re doing and download this healthy restaurant app before your next meal!

For our September issue, we were on a special mission to find the “greenest” places for you to eat. Along the way, we came across the recently redesigned Clean Plates app, and fell in love . Think of it as a guidebook to healthy dining. The app helps you find “clean,” green and healthy restaurants near you. For now, restaurants available on the app are limited to New York and Los Angeles locations, but others are to come soon.

Not only is this app perfect for anyone searching for gluten-free, or vegetarian friendly options, it is also great for anyone with a sweet tooth—ahem, myself included— just use the “clean desserts” filter.

You can opt to search by ones that are “near me now,” neighborhood, or city. Other distinctions include price or type of cuisine.
In addition to the app, Clean Plates has printed books for the two coasts. For even more information, their website is a great resource to check out, as well. It offers healthy recipes, tips, and reviews of the restaurants readily available through email newsletters.

“People want to eat better quality food (that also tastes great),” explains Jared. “The good news is that there are more and more restaurants that are using high quality ingredients. Our job is to discover and review the restaurants, select our favorites, and share the love with our readers. We want to make it easy and pleasurable for our audience to make informed decisions so they can ultimately eat better.”

says Founder and President, Jared Koch.

Through this app, we at BWB were able to discover some of our own favorite restaurants.The Fat Radish, Westville, and Real Food Daily offer delicious and healthy cuisine.

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We also developed another obsession: Gingersnap’s Organic. This raw food restaurant recently opened a second location in the West Village. Founder Jamie Graber, aka the “Cleanse Queen,” says her goal is to create “a handcrafted conscious cuisine, all organic, all the time.”

Not only does Gingersnap’s Organic offer a wide choice of delicious meals, they offer a selection of different cleansing opportunities . If you are like us, and less familiar with raw food meals, you can choose the “Go have a life” cleanse. By this they mean while on the cleanse, you can still eat one non-raw meal a day. The founder tells us:

“We try to do as much as possible to lessen our imprint on the environment. Our chairs and stools are FSD certified, the wood is all reclaimed, and our to-go ware is potato based.”

Clean PLates

At BWB we highly recommend Clean Plates for anyone looking to make an informed decision on where to eat. All of our favorite restaurants are featured, and we know you’ll eventually discover your own.

We know we’re excited for what other restaurants we will discover using the app.
Trust us, you will be too!

Portrait: Jamie Graber / founder of Gingersnap’s Organic



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