SkinnyPop the new lunchbox staple


Making lunches in the morning isn’t always easy. With groggy-eyes and hungry mouths begging for breakfast, it’s sometimes hard to pay attention to everything you put in their box. Why cut up strawberries or cucumbers when you can throw in Doritos and pudding and call it a day? With SkinnyPop, you no longer have to choose between healthy and convenient. With a mere three harmless ingredients, SkinnyPop is making it simple. Free of GMOs, gluten and preservatives, you can trust this snack to keep your kids happy eating healthy, all day long.

Have picky eaters? We’ve got you covered. SkinnyPop has six delicious flavors for the kiddos to choose from, like Dusted Dark Chocolate, Naturally Sweet, and the classic White Cheddar. So whether they are in the cafeteria or snuggled up before their favorite movie, SkinnyPop will keep them blissfully munchin’. And, of course, you can grab a bag, too.


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