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Yoga in the Riviera

If you are able to fit a little Mediterranean getaway into your holidays plans, I invite you to discover a unique place to practice yoga in the heart of the Provence landscape.
Emmanuelle Jeanne has chosen the “Plaine de Grimaud”, in the vicinity of Saint Tropez, to create a garden dedicated to the practice of Yoga.
It is the perfect setting to fully communicate with nature.
A covered space called the ‘Serre de Yoga’ (yoga greenhouse) allows you to practice yoga regardless of the season while keeping you firmly connected to the environment.
According to Emmanuelle, who has called her practice Narayani: “yoga must be accessible to all, because its enlightenment leads to a harmonious life”.
Narayani is the “yogi name” or “spiritual name” she received during her training as an instructor.
It has several meanings but the one she identifies with is “all of the positive qualities”. It suits her well! She breathes positive energy.

Clémence von Mueffling Could you describe this unique space you have created for the practice of Yoga?

Emmanuelle Jeanne The “Narayani Yoga Garden” is located a few kilometers from Saint-Tropez, in the heart of a preserved natural area which is dedicated to the culture of seasonal produce with the utmost respect for the environment. One of yoga’s principles is a healthy and vegetarian diet. My partner is a dedicated market gardener, I am a yoga instructor. We thought we would combine our passions in order to create a space that would offer yoga sessions and at the same time would allow our students to discover seasonal produce .
Moreover, to practice yoga in a natural setting works perfectly for body and mind. All of these positive energies are as useful for our students as they are for the plants! We have decided to create a space for exchanges, between each other and between us and nature. Located by the river that borders the garden we find a 1076 square foot greenhouse which has been transformed into a yoga studio. In order to get to the “studio”, we walk past agricultural plots and are able to gaze at the site and at the gardeners who work in perfect harmony with nature.

There is no age limit for starting the practice of yoga. The benefits are great, accessible to all, and come quickly.

CvM Do you teach all levels of yoga? What are the different levels you offer?

EJ I teach all levels, from beginner to advanced levels. There is no age limit for starting the practice of yoga, even if you have never tried yoga before. The benefits are great, accessible to all, and come quickly. I adapt my sessions according to the level of my students. I also teach prenatal yoga. It provides a unique experience for expectant mothers thanks to the breathing exercises inherent to yoga and thanks to asanas, the physical postures which can ease backaches for example. Sometimes, the mothers come back with their babies to practice yoga. A “baby yoga” routine has been developed over time. Babies are zen and truly enjoy an “OM” chant !
I am also planning on developing a session for children aged 7 to 12 for the Fall, because there is a real demand from the mothers. I am very happy at the prospect.

CvM Could you talk about the project you have set up this year which allows your students to buy seasonal produce from your garden?

EJ It’s a simple concept. People can place an order directly, via e-mail or by calling me. It’s scheduled in such a way that they can leave their yoga session with the produce that has been harvested the same day. During summertime, you can do your shopping for salads, smoothies or various dishes you plan on cooking right after your yoga session.

CvM What is your wellness routine?

EJ My wellness routine starts with two large glasses of water in the morning followed by fifteen minutes of meditation, during which I let the flow of thoughts unravel and I mentally design my day. It’s a real booster. Then I drink a large glass of fresh fruit juice or a smoothie. I always dedicate some time during the day, a moment or even just half an hour, regardless of my schedule, to practice yoga or a physical activity like jogging because it is essential to get rid of toxins. Yoga is an ally of all sports for all the physical stretching and mental wellbeing it provides. Ideally and for good health, try to combine both each week!

Body and soul need sun for their well being, and the plants do too. Sunbathing reasonably revitalizes and restores.

CvM What advice would you give the readers of BWB for a beautiful summer?

EJ My advice is to take advantage of the summer energies to revitalize yourself by doing what you love with the people you love. Eat fresh and healthy food, and drink at least a liter and a half of water per day to avoid dehydration. If you plan on sunbathing, wait for the late afternoon, preferably after 4 PM. Body and soul need sun for their well being, and the plants do too. Sunbathing reasonably revitalizes and restores. Take advantage of summertime to practice soft sports and meditation. Live in the moment, admire the beauty of the light bathing the landscape. You will radiate with vitality!

Narayani Yoga
Emmanuelle Jeanne +33 6 43 12 87 13


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