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Marie-Line is a multi-faceted, unapologetic electro-pop singer and songwriter. Though she’s lived in many places around, she considers herself a New Yorker at heart.

Her story begins in the Mediterranean city of Nice, a daughter of a Swedish model and the French tennis player turned entrepreneur Jean-Noel Grinda. She caught the writing bug as a teenager, channeling her existential angst and adolescent confusion into words, melody, and rhythm.

Now the mother of three young children, she uses her precious time to write the music she craves, in many different genres.

Through her modeling years, her acting studies, and her acting career, Marie-Line never stopped writing songs. Now the mother of three young children, she uses her precious time to write the music she craves, in many different genres. From EDM to Pop, from Country to French music, her style never ceases to surprise her audience, who often find themselves singing along to her words.

Building on the success of her debut single, “I Don’t Have Time for This S#!t”, she aspires to continue releasing her own music while working with other musicians, songwriters, and DJs.

Beyond the catchy beat and universal message of IDHTFTS, Marie-Line wants the world to know that there is depth to her music. Her songs reflect on the breadth of her life’s adventures and the spectrum of joy and sorrow she’s experienced.

Her new single, “Time Has Come,” is a simple yet powerful track about her life’s motto of live and let live.

Now on the other side of the mother and child dynamic that sparked her earliest artistic expression, she empathizes with the aching adolescent soul. “Take Me Away” serves not only as an anthem of teenaged angst, but also as a powerful anti-bullying message in an ever-connected society.

Her new single, “Time Has Come,” is a simple yet powerful track about her life’s motto of live and let live. It was written in the wake of Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out and LGBT rights awareness efforts, and also the terrorist attacks that have plagued our world, including the one in her home town of Nice, exactly in front of her family hotel where she used to run around as a child. The time has come to be who we are supposed to be, the time has come to believe in our strength and abilities, the time has come to face adversities with determination.

We spoke with Marie-Line to learn more about her life, beauty, reflections, and inspirations.


Wake-up time?

I wake up at 6:15am on weekdays. Occasionally, I manage to push it to 8am on a weekend morning. That’s a blessed day right there.

Morning beauty routine?

I’m a huge fan of Proactiv. I have been using it every since I moved to the States and saw the Judith Light infomercials on an early jet-lagged morning! But I only use it once a day (instead of the twice a day directive). So after I do the three-step cleaning, if it’s a sunny day I’ll apply Clinique City Block 25spf, or 40spf during the summer. On a cloudy day, I’ll just use whatever serum I have on hand, often samples that I get here and there. But generally, I like to counter-balance my using animal-tested products with non-animal testing products. Right now, I use the Tula Illuminating Face Serum. I have fairly oily skin, and this one seems to keep it in check. As for make up, right now I apply Maybelline Dream Liquid mousse as a foundation. And then of course the Terracotta Bronzing Powder from Guerlain. I’m obsessed with Laura Mercier blush; it has the perfect shine. I only use Yves Saint Laurent mascara, the plum color number 5. It’s the best I’ve ever used. And I’ll add an YSL sheer lip-gloss to finish it off.

Favorite dish that you like to prepare?

Pissaladiere, because it makes me think of home and it’s so damn easy (and cheap!). Of course, I cheat and use store bought pizza dough, which is NOT the right dough at all, but that’s okay. I also love making porridge, any kind – that’s from my swedish side. And I adore baking of any kind, as well! I love measures!!


How do you stay in shape?

I do Yoga, Hot Yoga, SLT, and tennis.

Favorite Beauty products?

My friend introduced me to Natura Bisse a couple years ago. Their masks are unbelievable.
I also like Le Métier de Beauté lip gloss. I didn’t know this brand until I got it in a goody bag at an event. It’s absolutely amazing, and makes my lips look perfectly dressed up without the stickiness. Before going to bed, I use the Hydra Life line from Dior. Their Jelly Mask is simply perfection.

My perfume at the moment is Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. I don’t use the same perfume for a long time – maybe 6 months or so. This is my favorite right now, after Kilian’s Good Girl Gone Bad perfume I was wearing for a while.

Activities to relax?

What relaxes me most is doing my own manicure!!!! I love it. Though because I don’t have the time to do it as much anymore, I’ve moved on to my children – I love to cut their nails!! And of course, I relax reading People Magazine or the French Gala, my guilty pleasure. Also watching James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke on YouTube.


Personal strengths?

I can write a damn good song :-)

I’m also resilient and detail oriented in most things, but especially in my music. I’m very meticulous. Although I don’t really play an instrument, I have a very musical ear and I hear every little mishap and detail.

I do keep a positive outlook on things. I’m very good at making the best out of any situation.

I rarely take no for an answer, especially when I know I’m right, and I often find a way to make a no a yes.
I can always see the good in people, sometimes to a fault. And I do keep a positive outlook on things. I’m very good at making the best out of any situation.

Personal weakness?

I have a hard time focusing on myself. I like to spread myself thin and do things for others before I think to do things for me. It has its value to be selfless but then you forget about your goals and do too many other things, you begin regret it.

Also, I swear like a sailor, and in any language! It’s a disaster.

Personal motto?

Live and let live; treat others the way you want to be treated.


How did it all start for you?

I still feel I’m at the start of something new.

Who is your greatest mentor?

I’m all for Girl Power and deeply believe that women together can move mountains.

I don’t have a mentor, per se. I’m inspired every day by women from all walks of life. It could be Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop world, daring to show us all that she’s not perfect and has her struggles but still cooks up a storm of delicious food for an army. Or it could be my vegan friends who teach me to make better choices with food, or my best friend in Nice who raised her two kids while working full time and offering them a great life. They all keep me grounded… I’m all for Girl Power and deeply believe that women together can move mountains. So my mentor is Girl Power!

Musically though, my biggest influence at the beginning was Celine Dion. Her album “D’eux” was written and produced by Jean-Jacques Goldman just shook me to the chore. I started singing more after I discovered her in that masterpiece of an album. I’m very inspired by Sia at the moment. I feel connected to the fact that she writes for EDM and Pop and all these other artists that I’m dying to work with. I was obsessed with Diam’s, the biggest French rapper, back in the day. Her message was the bomb, even if I didn’t necessarily agree with it all. But her songs and her rap are perfection.

Can you tell us more about your new music?

My EP, “Time Has Come,” is about time, I suppose. Or the lack thereof. Having a family life and new responsibilities does feel invading and unfair at first, until you learn how to navigate it all. There’s always laughter involved in the writing process, too. That’s a big part of who I am. I don’t take myself too seriously.

My first song is I Don’t Have Time For This Shit, which just means what it means! The track reflects what it truly means to be a woman and mother trying to do it all in a busy city like New York, but at the same time is constantly being harassed by unnecessary b——t! That’s why that song has resonated with so many, and not only in New York. I love to see people’s reactions when they hear the song for the first time. Anyone who listens to it totally gets it and agrees!

The second one is I Want It (I Need It), which I repeat over and over again throughout the song. It’s for the listener to fill in the blanks.  And the third song is Time Has Come, a song I’m very proud of. I do write a lot of songs with a message, This one defines my way of thinking the most. Here are the lyrics:

See what you want
Say what you need
Don’t forget the truth
The lies will kill you

Love who you want
Be what you need
Judge the music
But don’t judge me

Kiss who you want
Live what you need
Set yourself free
And let me be

Trust what you want
Care for what you need
There’s a time for courage
And this time has come

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