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For more than a decade, licensed and board-certified acupuncturist Angela Le has been building a practice dedicated exclusively to holistic reproductive health. 
 She first worked closely with renowned holistic physician Dr. Frank Lipman at Eleven Eleven Wellness Center before joining leading reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Sami David and Dr. Marc Goldstein, an internationally recognized expert in male fertility, in the launch of Fifth Avenue Fertility, where the best of Western and Eastern medicine are combined to provide integrative fertility treatments tailored to each patient.
Known for her inspiring approach, Angela is often sought out to conduct workshops, retreats and lectures across the country and abroad.
We met Angela this fall in her beautiful office….

How did you start your career in fertility wellness?

I feel like my career started after I saw my first fertility patient in 1998. I realized a unique opportunity in fertility that allowed me to work on all aspect of a patient’s life. Most women trying to conceive are deeply committed to the process and as a result are very willing to make powerful changes during that time – allowing for some remarkable and powerful transformations to take place. I started helping women discover themselves and their version of optimal health in preparation for motherhood, and I continue to support women in all stages of fertility, pregnancy and post-partum care.

In our busy, stressful lives, we often overlook the core principles of health: nutrition, sleep, hydration and exercise

Do you have any general well being tips for those of us not trying to conceive?

Get back to the basics. In our busy, stressful lives, we often overlook the core principles of health: nutrition, sleep, hydration and exercise. In New York City, it is particularly easy to skip meals and reach for processed foods once we are depleted. My biggest piece of advice would be to eliminate or start cutting back on sugar and processed foods, and to exercise more. Take advantage of living in a walking city and don’t let a sedentary lifestyle creep up on you. These are small changes you can make now that will yield huge health rewards in the future.

Tell us about what makes your office space so different from others?

We are an entirely green, eco-friendly medical practice. Everything from the wallpaper and carpet, to the bath tissue and cleaning supplies are organic and sustainable. A lot of work went into creating an office that was luxurious but had a low environmental impact. As our practice grew, we realized the importance of having not only a healthy environment but also of having a healthy and positive team. We feel like the most important part of any thriving business is the people within it. Our staff is genuinely committed to the bigger picture of health and healing, which is reflected in their work and patient interactions. We made sure to create a calm and positive environment for patient healing, but we also created a safe place for our team members to flourish in.

Beyond getting the right team in place, green your practice as best you can.

Can you share with us a few tips on how create a healthy and positive workspace for other business owners?

One of my favorite business books is Good to Great by Jim Collins, which talks about focusing on ‘the who’ first, and then ‘the what’ (i.e. put emphasis on hiring your ideal team before focusing on the direction you want to take your company).

I would suggest any organization looking to transition into a healthier work model should start with the right team. I truly believe that employees are the heart of a healthy workplace.
In order to attract your ideal employees, it is very important that you clearly define your vision and business culture. Hiring for personality and shared goals, in addition to focusing on skill sets, is essential. Make it a priority to address team dynamics in your office – everyone needs to feel valued.
Open communication is important, so make sure to address any issues or hiccups in the office calmly but immediately.
Beyond getting the right team in place, green your practice as best you can – reduce printer use by going digital, unplug electrical devices overnight and bring in some plants to absorb indoor air pollution and increase oxygen flow.
Also take inventory of your physical environment – is it relaxing or does it distract?
Clearing clutter and keep organized is a must in small city spaces.

The best advice I can give to other business owners is:
1) hire the right team
2) make it priority to green your office space
3) create an inspiring atmosphere to work in
Making these changes wasn’t always easy, but creating a healthy work environment has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me.

Office Favorites

Healthy restaurant
Candle 79 in the Upper East Side is the office favorite

Office snack
Fruits, nuts and seeds (although we do have a secret stash of 85% organic dark chocolate)

Mountain Valley (a high pH water with calcium, magnesium and potassium)

Group Activity
A quick (10 minute) after-work group meditation

Read more about it here.


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