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Goodnight Darling Co.

As we lead such fast-paced lives, we try to squeeze in valuable hours at work, at the gym, and at home with our families. In amongst such busy schedules, it is difficult to prioritize sleep. At BWB, we are on a mission to improve our sleeping habits, because we know that sleep can improve all facets of our wellbeing and happiness. What better way to get our snooze on than with a website dedicated to products that encourage a peaceful night’s sleep?

Goodnight Darling Co. is an apothecary of soft pajamas, warm candles, fragrant bath salts, body oils, teas, and tinctures, all dedicated to a good night’s slumber. With their help, you can form a peaceful sleep ritual that will surely induce the hours of rest that you lack. While you are shopping for yourself, consider picking up a gift set for your friends. If they are anything like us, they could really use it.


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Vanessa Baumann

Vanessa Baumann has been a licensed, medical aesthetician in New York for over twenty-three years, working with some of Manhattan’s top plastic surgeons. Choosing to change gears and express herself through her love of writing, she is now a freelance writer and beauty editor. Vanessa also may be found on Facebook and Instagram, sharing her knowledge of skincare products, advice, and the quest for glowing skin.


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