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Dandelion Chocolate

For the ultimate chocolaty indulgence, head over to San Francisco’s Mission District and swing in to Dandelion Chocolate.
This craft bean-to-bar chocolate factory is the epitome of all things artisanal and small batch.
At Dandelion the focus is on bringing out the individual flavors and nuances of the cocoa bean, and it has made them a leader in the “New American Chocolate Movement” that hopes to return awareness to the diverse flavor profiles of different bean varietals.

For the label readers among us, it’s important to note that the chocolate here is about as pure as it gets.  With the only ingredients being cacao and (real) sugar – no added cacao butter, milk, flavoring, or soy –  the unique flavor of the bean shines through.

Can’t decide which bar to buy?  No worries, the shop is chalk full of samples to tickle your taste buds, or if you are like me and want one of everything, take home a three bar Tasting Set.


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