Carnegie Hall


How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Take any train to 57th, hop on a crosstown bus to 7th and voilà! You’ve arrived.

Seems easy enough, no? Our friends at Carnegie Hall would disagree. According to a joke made famous by a slew of old musicians, the correct answer to this trick question is, “practice, practice, practice.”

When someone says, “Carnegie Hall,” you can almost hear the name echo up and all around you. Resounding in prestige, it demands your attention as if you were sitting in one of the Main Hall’s red velvet chairs, listening to over a century’s worth of talented performers play before you.

As one of the most well renowned classical and popular music venues in the entire world, it’s difficult to find someone who does not at least recognize the name in all of its importance. In addition to hosting some of the most talented musical artists, Carnegie Hall has also done a wonderful job of educating youth, hosting programs to mesmerize their little minds with sparkling lights, classic extravagance, and, of course, incredible musicians.

You’d be surprised, though; a lot of New Yorkers don’t actually know where Carnegie Hall is, and, as you’ll witness in this video, many are unaware of the well-worn joke.

As Carnegie Hall celebrates their 125th anniversary, they released this video, perhaps in attempt to prompt the locals to go experience the wonder for themselves, or perhaps simply to call upon the years of talent, tradition and lighthearted fun associated with such a magical place.


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