“Beauty is an attitude, a sparkle and sometimes a little je ne sais quoi that one can sense without being able to describe it.”

Interview — (9/28/20)

Your Après Summer Skincare Routine with Dermatologist Dr. David Colbert

Dr. Colbert spoke to BWB’s Rebecca Leffler about how to glow through fall with radiant skin. 

Editor's Picks — (9/16/20)

Club BWB’s Beauty ID: Tatcha

You have to be a powerhouse beauty brand to join Club BWB. Here are the fast facts about the simple & gentle skincare savior, Tatcha.

Editor's Picks — (9/2/20)

Club BWB’s Beauty ID: Beautycounter

You have to be a powerhouse beauty brand to join Club BWB. Here are the fast facts about clean beauty showstopper, Beautycounter.

Editor's Picks — (9/9/20)

Club BWB’s Beauty ID: Glossier

You have to be a powerhouse beauty brand to join Club BWB. Here are the fast facts about Gen Z’s favorite brand, Glossier.

Editor's Picks — (9/25/20)

Club BWB’s Beauty ID: Anastasia Beverly Hills

You have to be a powerhouse beauty brand to join Club BWB. Here are the fast facts about beauty brow expert, Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Editor's Picks — (10/2/20)

Club BWB’s Beauty ID: Huda Beauty

You have to be a powerhouse beauty brand to join Club BWB. Here are the fast facts about the OG beauty influencer, Huda Beauty.

Interview — (8/31/20)

Chequeout, Stay In with Kathryn Lasater

Checking out with Chequeout is the future of contactless shopping. Cheque out BWB’s exclusive interview with the app’s founder, Kathryn Lasater.

Editor's Picks — (7/28/20)

Your Summer Solstice Beauty Horoscope

Your next beauty secret is written in the stars.

Editor's Picks — (7/15/20)

A Love Note to Local Businesses

Supporting small, local businesses is more important now than ever before. Here are some of our favorites for all your beauty and well-being necessities.

Editor's Picks — (7/10/20)

10 Black Women-Owned Beauty Brands to Add to Your Collection

From skincare to haircare to feminine hygiene, these brands will have you looking and feeling gorgeous from head-to-toe.

Editor's Picks — (7/3/20)

A Little Sun Thing To Talk About:

It may be the strangest summer yet. Here are a few ways to lighten up, and also power up your summer skin routine.

Interview — (7/1/20)

Finding Your Voice with Jordan Emanuel

How model, entrepreneur and humanitarian Jordan Emanuel keeps it glam beyond the cameras. 

Editor's Picks — (6/29/20)

7 Beauty Products for an Effortless Summer Glow

Simply put, less is more.

Editor's Picks — (7/13/20)

What is the Best Sunscreen for My Skin Type?

Bring on the SPF!

Interview — (6/24/20)

What’s in Delia Folk & Alison Bruhn’s Summer Closets?

Mother-daughter duo from The Style That Binds Us shares what’s on their summer essentials list.

Interview — (6/19/20)

Shake, Sparkle, Stir with Sobia Shaikh

Sit down with us as we take a sip from Sobia’s style cocktail – one that is always shaken and stirred with surprises.

Story — (6/17/20)

How Our Skin Cells Can Protect Us From Viruses

We have been forced to re-evaluate our lifestyle habits and how they ultimately affect our health. One area we can’t ignore? Our largest organ: the skin.

Beauty — (6/8/20)

Why You Should Massage Your Baby

The benefits of massage for babies extend far beyond the most known benefits of relaxation. BEB Organic founder Kim Walls explains how. 

Interview — (6/15/20)

A Weekend with Nastya Swan

BWB spends the weekend with Russian model and influencer Nastya Swan, dreaming together of life after confinement.

Story — (6/5/20)

For Your Eyes Only

Wearing a face mask means that our lips are sealed, but our eyes are shimmery.

Interview — (6/10/20)

Inner Beauty with Alexis Ren & Sonya Dakar

Following the launch of her exclusive kit with facialist Sonya Dakar, Alexis Ren chats with BWB about skincare, self-love and soul-searching.

Interview — (5/27/20)

Carlota Rodriguez-Benito, As She Is

Three college majors. Four languages. Six countries. Nine years of ballet. One book — so far.

Interview — (5/29/20)

Blogs, Beauty & Babies: The Skinny Confidential

Girlboss Lauryn Evarts Bosstick shares her experience as a new mom, how she’s been staying healthy during quarantine, and her top tips for productivity at home.

Interview — (5/15/20)

Your DIY Facial with Mary Allan

Take your beauty routine to the next level with Mary’s step-by-step guide to a spa-worthy facial, overall at-home wellness, and the secret recipe to her glowing skin smoothie! 

Interview — (5/26/20)

Get Your Hair Summer-Ready with Playa

BWB chats with founder Shelby Wild to see how she keeps her beauty routine easy, breezy and natural.

Interview — (4/22/20)

Your Pedicure Beauty Bar with Bastien Gonzalez

Bring the magic touch of BWB’s favorite foot specialist to your home with Bastien Gonzalez’s expert advice.

Editor's Picks — (4/14/20)

Beauty & Well-Being During A Lockdown

In this period of confinement, we need to take care of the people around us, but let’s not neglect ourselves either. Here are some of Clémence’s best tips & favorite products for ageless beauty. 

Interview — (4/27/20)

Color Your Quarantine with Master Hair Stylist Christophe Robin

Christophe Robin is our Paris-sent hair savior for all our quarantine hair care needs. 

Interview — (5/4/20)

Putting in the Work with Pritika Swarup

Model Pritika Swarup spills what a day in the life looks like, her most momentous moments, and her outlook on the current pandemic.

Interview — (4/21/20)

Your Skincare Savior Kit with Vicki Morav

While your at-home TLC probably won’t feel quite as glorious as the Victoria Morav Goddess Facial, you can come close enough with some of Vicki’s favorite products and skincare tools.

Interview — (4/20/20)

Your Natural At-Home Manicure with Kure Bazaar

Kure Bazaar co-founder Kartika Luyet shares her best tips for keeping your hands and nails in tip-top shape at home. 

Story — (4/9/20)

Stay-At-Home Couture

Grateful to be able to work from home, and grateful for athleisure. From Zoom meetings to Houseparty chats, here are our top picks for looking quarantine-chic. 

Story — (3/30/20)

Beauty in Quarantine Times

It’s time for self-repair, so here is our selection of best products to nourish your hands, hair, lashes and more. 

Editor's Picks — (3/27/20)

Evolving Your Home Into A Makeshift Spa

There’s a difference between having to stay home all day vs. wanting to be home all day. 

Story — (3/15/20)

Where to Consign Your Old Clothes in NYC

This sparks joy, this sparks joy not.

Interview — (3/9/20)

Ethical Elegance at Maison de Mode

Maison de Mode is your one-stop shop for guilt-free high fashion sans waste, avec extra glamour.

Story — (3/6/20)

The Future of Luxury Fashion and Sustainability

How 3 companies are taking action to go green.

Story — (3/9/20)

The Perfect World: Staying Chic Without The Waste

What if, somewhere far, far away, a world existed where constantly buying clothes didn’t contribute to pollution?

Interview — (3/13/20)

Maison Atia: Faux Fur, Real Luxury

Get ready to channel your inner Cruella de Vil because Maison Atia is giving you 101 reasons to wear fur again.

Interview — (3/4/20)

Marina Testino: Marching In Red For A Green Movement

Overconsumption in the fashion industry is directly impacting our planet. Marina Testino is determined to do something about it, one color at a time.

Interview — (3/13/20)

Café BWB: Our NYC Date with Gilda Joelle

From Birmingham to Miami and now NYC, BWB gets to know model Gilda Joelle beyond the glossy catalogues and charming Southern accent.

Story — (2/10/20)

How To Have A Spa Day In A New York City Apartment 

Amidst all the hustle and bustle, it is difficult to pencil a spa day into your schedule— but sometimes, there’s no place like home.

Editor's Picks — (1/21/20)

Beauty On A Budget: Face, Hair & Body Faves Under $40

Our fave tried-and-true products for the face, body and hair – all under $40! 

Editor's Picks — (1/16/20)

6 Sheet Masks For The New You

From anti-aging to the glowiest of glows, whatever your wish may be, think of these six sheet masks as your fairy skincare godmothers. 

Beauty — (2/5/20)

A Day at the Spa: Carmel’s Winter Favorites

An expert aesthetician tells us the ultimate guide for choosing a treatment just right for your skin.

Beauty — (1/23/20)

Café BWB: Place Your Bets with Ashley Haas

Switching beer for tea to talk fashion & football with model Ashley Haas. 

Story — (1/6/20)

20 Beauty Mistakes I Will Stop Making In 2020

As we enter a new decade a little older and a little wiser, we can embrace a fresh start where we vow to never commit these 20 beauty mistakes again.

Beauty — (12/10/19)

BWB’s Holiday Menu Pt. 2

This dessert may sound fancy and French, but… While it is, it’s also très easy to prepare and is the ultimate mood-boosting, actually-good-for-you, comfort food.

Beauty — (12/10/19)

BWB’s Holiday Menu Pt. 1

Deck the halls with boughs of gluten-free, plant-based food with a French flair from Rebecca Leffler.

Interview — (12/16/19)

Breathe In, Breathe Abbott

Abbott challenges us to move beyond limiting fragrance to our sense of smell, when it is really so much more a mindset.

Editor's Picks — (12/6/19)

7 Face Oils for Wintertime Skin

Our pick of super-natural oils aren’t just hydrating, they’re packed with lots of extra benefits, creating an excellent first line of defense against the chill.

Editor's Picks — (11/25/19)

Brands Riding the Sustainability Wave for Our Oceans

Surf’s up? More like time’s up. 

Interview — (11/13/19)

Café BWB: Elena Matei

Scouted in Bucharest, this model is conquering NYC & Miami one glossy cover at a time. 

Interview — (12/9/19)

Style Your Weekend with Sylvie from Uberchique

With over 56k followers on Instagram, Sylvie Utudjian has built a community of style junkies who turn to her for the latest brands, outfit combos, and places-to-be around the world.

Editor's Picks — (11/4/19)

5 Eco-Friendly Brands Making a Difference Today

Beauty without the guilt. Here is a round-up of our top 5 favorite brands at the moment that are thinking about the environment for us! 

Story — (10/17/19)

BWB Tour: Beauty Around the World

Pack your bags! BWB is taking you to eight different countries to explore what makes women of all cultures uniquely beautiful. Bon voyage!

Interview — (10/10/19)

Beauty Toaster’s Podcast with French Skincare Legend, Joëlle Ciocco

Joëlle clues us into everything from facial massage techniques to skin science and lifestyle philosophies. J’adore!

Interview — (9/30/19)

Beauty from Sweden’s Seashores

From the modest shores of Sweden arise natural skincare products with not-so-modest results.

Interview — (9/16/19)

On A High Note with Miss America

Nia Franklin talks music, beauty, and femininity amidst fruity tartines and maple butter pancakes.

Story — (9/4/19)

How to Face a Face-Lift

Thinking about visiting a plastic surgeon now, sometime in the future, or never? The most important thing to know is that you must prepare your skin for this type of intervention.

Editor's Picks — (8/19/20)

Smell like Summer on the Mediterranean All Year-Round

Veronique Gabai’s new brand transports you to the Côte d’Azur, the exquisite French Riviera lining the Mediterranean coast of Southeastern France.

Interview — (10/4/19)

A Visit to Amanda Lacey’s Chelsea Atelier

We spoke with Emily Blunt and Gwyneth Paltrow’s favourite skin expert about everything from nighttime rituals to life as a London local.

Interview — (8/26/19)

Meet the Founder of lilah b.

Like Marie Kondo, but makeup. Each lilah b. product will spark joy–gluten, paraben, phthalate, sulfate, synthetic fragrance, cruelty-free joy! 

Interview — (9/2/19)

Get Caught in the (Veronica) Webb: Model, Mogul, & Mom

This former Victoria’s Secret model is using her online platform to “smash the rules and redefine what it means to be a woman.”

Madison Headrick posing by sea

Interview — (9/23/19)

A Weekend with Madison Headrick

“We are all books with different chapters and I’m not on the same chapter of my life as anyone else.” 

Interview — (9/9/19)

A Weekend with Kendall Visser

There’s a new Kendall to keep your eyes peeled for on the runways in the upcoming seasons, and that’s Dutch beauty Kendall Visser.

Interview — (10/29/19)

Capturing the Spirit of Italy: A Journey with Eau d’Italie

From Mediterranean shrubbery to sun-kissed terracotta, Eau d’Italie takes you on olfactory journey throughout Italy with blissful pit-stops in Positano, Venice, and Paestum.

Interview — (10/18/19)

Anne de Paula in Green & Yellow

BWB chats with the three-time SI veteran about her identity as a Brazilian and her experiences around the world as a jet-set model.

Editor's Picks — (7/15/19)

BWB Buzz: 2019 Lip Awards

Here are some of BWB’s best lip buddies of the season, from moisturizing protectants to chic, demure rouges.

Editor's Picks — (7/9/19)

Defend Your ‘Do: Summer Haircare Essentials

Luckily for you, BWB has carefully curated a repertoire of must-have products to add to your hair protection arsenal.

Story — (6/10/19)

Valmont’s Purity Face Cleansing Line is an Evening Ritual Dream

A step-by step guide to double cleansing and more.

Editor's Picks — (6/28/19)

The Travel Edit

From your skin to your hair to your pearly whites, these beauty picks are sure to make your summer vacation exactly what it should be: Easy-breezy.

Editor's Picks — (6/24/19)

Top 10 Summertime Skincare Products

Your ultimate guide to hydrated, glowy and protected skin this summer.

Editor's Picks — (7/1/19)

Sun, Summer, and SPF

Whether you are lounging on a lush island beach or working in the city, an SPF-infused product is a must. Here are our top picks for coverage and protection.

Interview — (6/12/19)

Majestic Accessories

Traditionally crafted minaudieres, multi-colored diadems, ornate flowers, and celestial jewels– Lucia Echavarría’s Magnetic Midnight line has been creating a magical buzz since 2015.

Interview — (7/24/19)

A Weekend with Haley Kalil

From Thai food to in-flight sheet masks, read on to see how the SI Swimsuit Rookie spends her weekends with NFL hubby Matt Kalil in NYC.

Editor's Picks — (6/6/19)

BWB Buzz: Summer Scents

Under the sun and by the sea, that’s where we would like to be. BWB has curated our top scented products for the summertime in all its glory.

Interview — (5/17/19)

PYT Beauty Besties

Two mothers who set out to provide better, cleaner makeup options for their daughters. 

Editor's Picks — (5/22/19)

6 Extraordinary Travel Essentials for Memorial Day Weekend

Pack your bags with these beauty, wellness, and fashion goods. 

Editor's Picks — (6/4/19)

5 Beauty Products Inspired By Pantone’s Color Of The Year

A vibrant yet comforting color that is full of energizing buoyancy, here are six products that will bring out the “Living Coral” in all of us.

Editor's Picks — (4/29/19)

Youthful Skin Begins in Your Youth

There is something to be said for learning from the generations before you and using their knowledge to teach the next generation good skincare habits. 

Editor's Picks — (5/30/19)

His & Hers

For when you’ve run out of excuses for why you keep using his stuff.

Interview — (6/25/19)

A Weekend with Kouka Webb

As long as Kouka is not studying at the library or posing for a shoot, her body is surely in motion to a new place, a new adventure, and a new challenge.

Editor's Picks — (5/13/19)

BWB’s Top 6 Beauty and Wellness Goods for the Entire Family

Fill your home with these tried-and-true products for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Editor's Picks — (4/11/19)

Brushless Beauty Revolution: Opté

Why continue clogging your pores with makeup when only some parts of your skin truly need balancing?

Editor's Picks — (4/24/19)

I Tried FOREO’s UFO Smart Mask Treatment & It is Out of This World

Beautiful skin in 90 seconds? This is the ultimate lazy girl’s pampering weapon.

Editor's Picks — (4/1/19)

Personalized Beauty At Technology’s Fingertips

Here are a few of BWB’s favorite brands that are finding ingenious yet practical ways to individualize our beauty routines through technology.

Interview — (4/19/19)

Take the Salon to Your Home with Madison Reed

With luxurious, gentle ingredients, and a team of color experts at your service via phone call, email or chat, Madison Reed is redefining the way we view at-home color.

Interview — (3/26/19)

Six Fashion Brand Strategies I Learned from Sarah Willersdorf

From Paris to London to New York, Sarah has traversed many physical and metaphorical boundaries. Here’s what I learned from her.

Editor's Picks — (4/15/19)

6 Innovative Beauty & Wellness Goods to Try Now

Looking for a new product to add to your self-care routine? These genius innovations are anything but ordinary.

Interview — (4/22/19)

A Slice of Heaven with Taylor Foster

Model, entrepreneur, baker, yogi and mom; is there anything Taylor Foster can’t do?! We sit down with the superwoman to find out. Spoiler alert: Nope.

Story — (4/22/19)

The Beauty & The Biotech

Bio-fermentation? Prebiotics? Vegan? Organic? What does it all mean? Founder of Orveda Skincare Sue Y Nabi breaks it down for us.

Interview — (5/8/19)

Vis-à-Vis with Violette

Estée Lauder’s global beauty director and YouTube makeup guru Violette is our go-to resource for everything French, fabulous and fierce.

Interview — (3/25/19)

Motherhood à la Mode with Bianca Balti

From supermodel to designer, Bianca Balti is reinventing maternity wear through inclusivity and intention. Motherhood has never been more stylish.

Editor's Picks — (3/13/19)

The 4-1-1 on Facial Mists & Essences

What is this intriguing new skincare step? Why do we need these and what do they really do? BWB breaks it down for you, along with our top picks.

Editor's Picks — (3/6/19)

The Best Sustainable Fashion & Beauty Brands

It has become apparent that choosing sustainable, eco-friendly brands is more important than ever before. Here’s a primer on how we can keep up.

Interview — (3/4/19)

NOBRAND, No Problem

Why nobranding is the new branding.

Interview — (3/18/19)

Polish Up with Flaviana Matata

Meet Flaviana Matata – the stunning Tanzanian model with brains, courage, and a bountiful heart.

Editor's Picks — (3/20/19)

Spring Summer: The Makeup

Breathe new life into your makeup routine and get ready for summer with this season’s hottest launches.

Interview — (3/14/19)

Teatime with Meredith Wing

When nature & food meet fashion & art… BWB meets Meredith Wing.

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