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Susanne Kaufmann Cooling Foot Cream

Enriched with refreshing Menthol and blended with hydrating Vitamin E, soothing Lavender and protective Beeswax. The addition of Marigold Extract helps reduce swelling for a lighter, brighter step. Deep hydration prevents the formation of rough skin and cracks.

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AQUIS Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban

This towel easily secures around your head, allowing for faster, hands-free drying while you get ready for the day. Aquitex, a proprietary wicking fabric, cuts drying time by 50%. In doing so, the turban prevents Hygral Fatigue—the stretching and swelling of wet hair that makes it vulnerable to frizz, split-ends and damage.

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Dr. Barbara Sturm Soft Anti-Cellulite Brush

A natural-bristle brush that can be used both for dry massage or in the shower to promote tight, smooth skin and visibly reduce and prevent cellulite.

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Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil

A luxurious body treatment that contains 100% pure plant extracts, which promote skin firmness and suppleness. The lightweight, silky texture absorbs quickly to nourish deeply and tone skin.

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Kure Bazaar Natural Nail Polish Remover

A completely safe and clean 100% natural nail polish remover with an oil-like texture that does not whiten nor dry the nails or hands, leaving nails feeling hydrated and soft.

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ReFa Carat Face Roller

This anti-aging device delivers indoor, solar-derived energy as gentle microcurrents boost circulation, enhancing firmness and improving delicate skin.

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