5 Divine Holiday Candles

This month, BWB selected 5 of our favorite scented, holiday candles to help decorate your home with an aroma that excites the senses.

With a blanket beneath our feet, our hands around hot cocoa, and our family snuggled up beside us, all we crave this season is a little warmth. Whether that comes from the gay laughter of friends or a quiet moment by the fire, what better to compliment the mood than a fragrant candle lit on the mantelpiece?

This month, BWB selected 5 of our favorite scented, holiday candles to help decorate your home with an aroma that excites the senses. Our selection features candles from Jo Malone, Tocca, Diptyque, Francis Kurkdjian and MEMO.

MEMO’s Wood Fire and Hot Incense candle emanates the cozy smell of cedar that has you craving hot cider and a warm blanket.

Its subtle presence and light complexion do well to relax your home environment, providing a gentle background glow as you play board games with your family or read a book. Clara Molloy, MEMO Paris Co-founder and Creative Director, says:

“Candles are a symbol of hope, of peace, of serenity. Lighting up a candle sends this message and its perfume adds beauty to this very old ritual. Memo Paris perfumes tell stories about spiritual or inspiring destination, and their evocation is even more special with fire.”

Diptyque’s Sapin candle comes in a different, more festive package; its rich green and dark red resemble Christmas holly, and mirror the indulgence of its deep, pine-like scent.

This candle’s aesthetic will complement any holiday decor, bringing the outdoors inside as you season your Christmas turkey or listen to Frank Sinatra on the radio.

Tocca’s holiday candle holds a similar scent of indulgence, as its peppery, pine-like aroma will nicely supplement the smell of pumpkin pie in the oven, or warm gingerbread on the table.

As you begin to associate this fragrance with your holiday traditions, before you know it this special scent will take you back to the most wonderful time of the year.

Held in a soft gold container decorated with matte pine trees and stars, the graceful ambience of Francis Kurkdjian’s holiday candle complements its natural fragrance.

If you’re home for the holidays and craving an escape, this candle’s delicate but spicy smell will transport you to a ski chalet in the woods, blanketed in soft snow and surrounded by lofty pines.

poppy delevingne

And, finally, the fresh but homey smell of Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt has London Girl Poppy Delevingne raving: in amongst the cold wintry weather, it reminds her of the summer “holidays and the sunny outdoors.”

And when she has people over, “it fills every corner of the house” with its unique scent. For someone who dubs herself “bonkers about candles” it says a lot that Poppy “can be known to light hundreds” of Jo Malones at a time in her own home, adding the perfect amount of festivity to her environment.

So choose one, or choose them all! Regardless of your plans this season, let one of these fragrant beauties decorate your home and get you in the holiday spirit.


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