Mila Moursi’s Iconic French Facial Massage Takes NYC

Face massages are, without a doubt, the single best non-invasive treatment for improving the quality of your facial skin.

My friends in New York always ask me what French women do to have such wonderful skin, and I tell them that one of our best-kept secrets is the face massage. This is without a doubt the single best non-invasive treatment for improving the quality of your facial skin.

People underestimate the power of massage, and you will be amazed to see how much it can improve the quality of your face. Massaging tones the skin, improves circulation and minimizes lines.

In France, facial massage is a way of life. French women love facial massages for a variety of reasons. First, they stimulate circulation, which awakens the complexion. Massages don’t hurt; they actually make you feel wonderful. Massages are also completely manual, making them eco-conscious, and they don’t need any special (or expensive) equipment. Fortunately, you can now find salons and spas all over the world where aestheticians have been trained in these techniques.

Results are guaranteed if you massage regularly and properly; and, of course, it is a beloved and well-kept secret! No wonder the best facial-massage specialists in Paris are frequented by well-known French celebrities. A proper facial massage will make your skin look so good that you will not need as much make-up, and others may even think you’ve had a mini, natural face-lift.

My grandmother used to go to Elizabeth Arden for her facial massages. My mother would go to Ingrid Millet, who also took care of former First Lady Madame Claude Pompidou and the actress Isabelle Adjani. Chic Parisiennes, in fact, jealously guard the names of their favorite facial massage aestheticians from even their most trusted friends!

But no need to fly to Paris!

I recently found a new wonderful place in the heart of New York, at the iconic Barneys store. The lovely Iara, who learned from the master esthetician Mila Moursi, will take care of your face with her expert hands.

Moursi, who taught aesthetics in Paris and quietly tended to Hollywood’s biggest names for over thirty years, developed a unique amalgamation of ingenious skin care techniques in her renowned Global Anti-Age Treatment Facial.

The facial’s secret star-power comes from Beauty Lift, a natural facial sculpting and muscle workout especially crafted by Moursi. Through decades of research and experience, Moursi has developed a set of techniques to lift, sculpt, and train the complexion without invasive injections or surgery. “The Beauty Lift is a holistic approach to rejuvenate skin by plumping wrinkled skin, draining toxins, reducing water retention, and working out the underlying facial muscles,” Moursi says. “When the muscles are healthy and strong, the skin looks radiant and youthful.”

The 90-minute treatment begins with phase one of Moursi’s signature Beauty Lift: a manual contouring technique that releases tension but also serves as a workout for dormant muscles along the jaw. As fingertips perform rhythmic, gliding strokes along the entire jawline, water retention is released and the jawline is defined.

The treatment’s subsequent steps are individualized for each client’s needs and skincare goals.

The treatment concludes with phase two of Moursi’s Beauty Lift: an extensive sculpting massage in which every single muscle on the face is isolated, including those along the cheekbones, brow bones, eyes, nasolabialfolds, and forehead. As part of Moursi’s signature technique, each muscle is held with the fingers and lifted to stimulate oxygen flow, to improve microcirculation, and ultimately, to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles while defining the cheek bones. The massage is extended to the décolletage, neck, shoulders (to soothe and relax muscles) and the head (where pressure points are gently pressed and released). “These techniques consist of gentle but firm stretching, releasing, plumping, and energizing movements,” Moursi explains. “The end result is a beautiful, plumped, and radiant complexion.

It will make you look and feel wonderful, just in time for the holidays!


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