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Express interview with the beautiful Chloé, véritable Parisienne, eager to share her inside out knowledge of the French capital and its treasures.

Co-Founder in 2008 of, the first social network for sharing selected addresses from around the world, Chloé Bolloré has followed up with a printed version of the guide: a user-friendly, hip and chic traveller’s aid! More than a guide, it provides you with the best addresses in Paris: hotels, design boutiques, art galleries, nightlife, Paris VIP insiders’ addresses and little secrets which will allow you to enjoy what the left and right banks of the city of light can provide.

Since 2014, Chloé has also created C&B Art. Having a passion for the digital world and photography, she has created a space allowing her to share her works which are aimed to her inner circle of family and friends.
The buzz and enthusiasm she encountered led her to start selling her works with an instant and successful result.

Express interview with the beautiful Chloé, véritable Parisienne, eager to share her inside out knowledge of the French capital and its treasures.

You can find, in a few clicks, a restaurant in Venice, a hotel in Berlin or a plumber in Paris.

As a young entrepreneur you have already created 2 companies in the last few years. Tell us about and CB Art.

Mybestaddressbook was born out of the concept that a good address is as good as the person who recommends it.
I worked with partner Laure Baubigeat, in order to create an internet site which would be a reflection of who we are, and to create a network of people with the same profile with one goal in mind: to be able to find, in a few clicks, a restaurant in Venice, a hotel in Berlin or a plumber in Paris.
We are always looking for a special address, whether it is for a dinner out, a travel plan, finding activities for the children or taking care of ourselves. The first reflex is always to ask your friends or family.
Mybestaddressbook gathers addresses, city guides and insiders’ tips from around the world, and has been tested by our circle or by us.

About C&B ART having a passion for the digital world, I always had an interest in photography.
I was not doing much with my photos and daily snapshots (apart from a yearly printed book version which stands on my bookshelves!).
Since I couldn’t display XXL prints of my friends and family in my living-room, I had the idea to create an XXL format made of thousands of little photos.
It allows you to get a glimpse of these special moments at any time.
The idea is simple. You can focus on a message, a face or a place among the thousands of snapshots that have been selected.
My first print was a gift for my wedding anniversary. Once it was hanging on the wall, our friends began to order for themselves, then friends of friends…

Today, has become THE reference for people who want to know about the ‘IN’ addresses in Paris. What are the latest ‘hot spots’ in Paris?

L’oiseau blanc on the Peninsula hotel roof. For a romantic dinner with Paris at your feet.
Castel has reopened its doors for a dinner party and a few dance moves.
The Molitor swimming pool for a few laps, or to take advantage of the “Clarins” spa before or after a light lunch.
The Tigre Yoga Club for an hour of Pilates.

Since you have 4 children, you are well aware of ‘kids friendly’ spots in Paris. Do you have any favorites you’d like to share with our readers?

With four girls, crafts come to mind! Loisirs & creation is the best reference in terms of supplies for drawing, collages, sewing, jewelry, etc…
The favorite brunch spot is the Renoma Café: Entertainment, clown and buffet for the girls while the parents can have some time for conversation.
Other than that, there is nothing like the country side where 3 sticks of wood and a tree house can go a long way

What are your favorite Parisian spots

Moulié for sublime floral arrangements… a dream.
Brigitte Vermelin for fine linen or a special gift.
Mon cadeau préféré for children’s gifts.
Café Marly with its very touristy but always magic terrace.

Where do you go for Wellness & Beauty

My favorite tea-room for lunch is DS with its bio-fruit juices, delicious salads and my favorite of all: crispy quinoa!
The manicure Nails Paris, a small Vietnamese nail salon with perfect service.
Filorga for facials and feeling rejuvenated in one hour.
Sephora for beauty products but also Le Bon Marché for their “niche” selection and their headbands.

Places in Paris to indulge

The Merveilleux, the most marvelous decadent treat: a meringue coated with whipped cream and covered with chocolate shavings. To die for!


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