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Phebo from Brazil

Phebo, “sister” company to the Brazilian cosmetics brand Granado, has held the hearts of Brazilians with its long-lasting, and extraordinary fragrances. Considered a pioneer in premium cosmetics, Phebo has bridged luxury, tradition, and sentiment, to create a product that has maintained its prestige since its beginning in 1930.

Odor de Rosas, the traditional, Phebo line, offers a fusion of Amazon region fragrances and caught on to such esteem, that the line continued to grow. The brand features Mediterranean inspired products, signature floral scents, and even pays tribute to the environment with recycled glass bottles. You can find glycerin soaps, bath salts, diffusers, candles, and colognes.
It goes without saying that Phebo represents the best of the best when it comes to perfumery.


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