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Olive and June

Founded on the idea that getting a manicure and pedicure should be ‘downright lovely’.

Olive and June was founded on the idea that getting a manicure and pedicure should be ‘downright lovely’, to quote its founder.
The place is beautiful: bright and modern, it has many different brands to offer the best selection to its clients.
While in L.A. we could not resist stopping by and meeting with Sarah Gibson Tuttle, the woman behind this unique salon.

You have named your salon after your great-grandma and grandma. Can you share with us what they taught you about beauty?

Naming the salon (and all the services!) after all of the amazing women in my family felt appropriate because they are amazing, strong women who all believe in beauty. It’s about care for your body, including your nails

What is the advice you give to women for nail care?

The biggest piece of advice I have for nail care is to use cuticle oil every day! It enhances nail growth and makes your manicure look better, guaranteed

What is the most fashionable nail polish color this winter?

There is a wide variety of “in” colors for this fall/winter, but my favorite is a classic red. It feels like less of a holiday color these days and more of an everyday winter color!

What are your favorite brands for cuticle oil and hand cream these days? 

Deborah Lippmann’s The Cure & CND’s Solar Oil are my favorite cuticle oils. I love Restorsea Repairing Hand Treatment.

From NY skyscrapers to L.A. beachy waves. Can you share with us some of your favorite places in both cities…

For Healthy Lunch:
Erewhon in L.A., every spot in NYC that will do chopped salads (L.A.! Get on this trend!)
For Beauty Products:
Larchmont Beauty in L.A., Ricky’s in NYC
To Exercise:
Tracy Anderson in both!


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