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Michael Kors Beauty liquid shimmer dry oil spray

“All that glitters is gold…”

With summer quickly approaching, we can finally ditch our long pants and coats and give our skin some much-needed fresh air!

If a gorgeous, golden glimmer is what your skin desires, Michael Kors Liquid Shimmer Dry Oil Spray can offer up just that.
Doubling as a body fragrance (with intoxicating hints of orange flower and cassis), the oil contains thousands of lustrous pearl particles that will leave your skin with a glowing sheen.
Silky smooth skin, with tons of dimension and shine is on the horizon!

You can spritz some on before lounging by the pool, before a hot summer night out, or while jet setting from one vacation destination to another; no matter when you use the Liquid Shimmer, one thing can be guaranteed – you will definitely have that sought after “golden goddess,” summer glow!

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