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Live Clean Baby Collection

Going green doesn’t mean you have to part with your essentials!

The Live Clean Baby Collection features a carefully formulated selection of gentle products: a tearless shampoo & wash, a calming bedtime bubble bath and lotion, a soothing oatmeal shampoo & wash, a non-petroleum jelly, and diaper rash cream. With just one application, Live Clean baby Collection products supply natural moisture and protection to baby’s skin. Start eco-friendly habits early with Live Clean‘s gentle organic blends, using ingredients such as chamomile, aloe, and lavender extracts, and jojoba, castor seed, and sunflower seed oils. Reaping the natural benefits of clean botanical extracts, the plant-based formulas are rich, soothing, and mimic the protective benefits of your baby skincare essentials with far less environmental impact.

Taylor Johnson

Taylor is a recent honors graduate of Rhode Island School of Design’s Painting and Art History Department. A dual-citizen in Belgium and the U.S. with frequent wanderlust, a passion for editorial, and an affinity for sketching, she is now exploring the connection between art and beauty.


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