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Carita Eau des Lagons

Carita, a French skin care company, has released a new collection, and it is all about the sea. Their Ideal Hydration line is created with water from the lagoons of Raiatea, a Polynesian island near Bora Bora. With Carita, what you sea is quite literally what you get, and the benefits are endless.

One product of this line is Eau Des Lagons Radiance Lotion. As a product of the sea, it is rich in essential minerals and trace elements, and serves a cleanser, toner, and hydrator to all different skin types. Its seawater element is also an effective healing agent for those who sufferx from acne, eczema and psoriasis. This wonderful lotion also helps to rid the skin of toxins, promote cell regeneration and increase moisture retention.

Carita also incorporates sodium hyaluronate into their products, the salt of hyaluronic acid. This ingredient promotes microcirculation and reduces trans-epidermal water loss, resulting in softer, smoother skin.

I myself love using Carita’s lotion in the morning. It feels soothing and refreshing and is the perfect catalyst for any skin care routine. I also recommend throwing it into your gym bag as it is an easy way to cleanse and hydrate your skin after a workout.

So, readers, if for whatever reason you can’t make it to Bora Bora this fall, let the sea water come to you. Your skin will happily drink up the benefits.

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Vanessa Baumann

Vanessa Baumann has been a licensed, medical aesthetician in New York for over twenty-three years, working with some of Manhattan’s top plastic surgeons. Choosing to change gears and express herself through her love of writing, she is now a freelance writer and beauty editor. Vanessa also may be found on Facebook and Instagram, sharing her knowledge of skincare products, advice, and the quest for glowing skin.


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