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6 Sheet Masks For The New You

From anti-aging to the glowiest of glows, whatever your wish may be, think of these six sheet masks as your fairy skincare godmothers. 

Something that started strong and could have just been another trend has actually become an absolute beauty staple. I remember my first time trying a sheet mask like it was yesterday: It was with my best friend and we couldn’t contain our giggles at how terrible it made us look. I remember seeing them at beauty counters thinking it was just the latest trending product, but never did I think that it would still be so successful 15 years later. Packaged in luxurious boxes of 10, or conveniently sold by the unit, they appeal to all ages. Here are BWB’s favorites.

The Pioneer: SK-II
Pitera Facial Treatment Mask

This is the kind of mask you want to crank out before a special event because not only will you be blown away by the results, but also by how quickly they show on your face. One of the OG’s of the sheet mask movement, SK-II is known for its secret ingredient: Pitera – discovered during the sake fermentation process. Full of vitamins, minerals, amino and organic acids that work together to enhance skin cell renewal, there is no better cocktail to ensure your dream skin. This facial treatment mask is generously saturated in the elixir for hydration so intense, crystal-clear skin is but a mere 10 minutes away.

The Visionary: Charlotte Tilbury
Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

Not your ordinary sheet mask. You know the one, where you have to carefully remove the mask from its packaging hovered over the sink because it’s literally dripping liquid everywhere! Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury’s face mask has a unique dry formula that prevents it from harboring bacteria and allows you to reuse it up to three times – perfect for traveling! The mask also uses a biometric vector delivery system for a prolonged release of the active ingredients so that they go directly from sheet to epidermis. This mask is truly a one-size-fits-all for smoothing, hydrating, brightening, lifting and reducing wrinkles.

The Influencer: Knesko Skin
Rose Quartz Face Mask

Infused with rose quartz serum and charged with reiki, this is the ultimate “treat yo-self” mask. Rose quartz is known to be the “love stone” and works directly with your heart chakra. I can’t think of a more fitting mask to apply when I’m putting aside a half hour or so fully for self-care. The gemstone serum combined with five other antioxidants like vitamin C and white tea extract make this facial mask a luxurious treatment for brightening, hydrating, healing and nourishing. Let this age-defying mask work its magic for 20 to 40 minutes while you work your own magic on your soul and spirit.

The Traditional: Tatcha
Luminous Dewy Skin Mask

After using this mask, you can give thanks to the age-old Japanese beauty tradition of steaming leftover kimono silk over enriched elixirs for your glowy, dewy skin. Tatcha’s secret ingredient to instantly younger skin is rice germ oil, which is packed with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. This, in combination with algae and green tea (two other crucial components of the Japanese diet) bring mega-hydration and nutrients straight from product to skin. You would think that this ultra-fine microfiber sheet mask (literally 100x thinner than a strand of hair) would be stubborn to stay on, but on the contrary, the mask fits neatly to the contours of your face for a stress-free, no-hassle pamper sesh.

The Lover: La Bruket
205 Hydrating Algae Extract Mask

A refreshing mask that smells like a warm summer breeze by the ocean, La Bruket’s hydrating algae extract mask is every sustainable beauty lover’s dream. With a sheet made from biodegradable cellulose, this single-use mask is a guilt-free and waste-free way to nourish your facial skin with algae extract, hyaluronic acid, and ultra-moisturizing minerals. While perfect for nursing dry winter skin back to health, this product is best used at nighttime as it leaves the skin looking slightly rosy. It also does not conform to your facial contours as easily as other facial masks do, so kick back, relax, close your eyes, and picture the beach!

The Peacemaker: Skyn Iceland
Hydro Cool Brightening Face Mask

Straight from the unspoiled, natural resources of Iceland and delivered right to your skin. Think: rich mineral waters, antioxidant berries, and soothing algaes and mosses. To be used once a week or whenever you need a quick pick-me-up, The Hydro Cool Brightening Face Mask instantly evens skin tone and restores radiance thanks to ingredients like tourmaline, vitamin C and licorice extract. Our Wellness Contributor, Isiah, had only good things to say about the mask: “You can feel it cool and hydrate your skin immediately after application. My face always feels and looks healthier right after!”

Artwork by Alicia Zhang.


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