Well Being

Global Citizen


Start by standing before a mirror. Watch your toes wiggle in your sandals; notice the strong knees tanned from a summer outside; move your eyes to your stomach, watching it breath in and out as it feeds your body with air; take a moment to observe the blue veins in the nook of your arm, the strong knuckles in your hands, your wide, calloused palms. Now look up at your face. You are vital. You are human.

In a world that beckons fear, offers thin promises, and breeds conflict and hatred, there is you. In a generation where speed nurses addiction, anger drowns wisdom, and words lose their meaning, there is you. Your strong hands, your pumping blood, your sturdy knees, and your steady breath are what can power an active effort for change.

This year, as Global Citizen fights AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, we need you to be human. We need you to fight the coughs and aches with shouts and song and passion. Join in the music and be the voice of healthy change by spreading the word and supporting our cause.

This month, on Sept 17, show up and be loud at the Montreal Global Citizen concert. Together, we will be heard.

Lani Allen

Lani Allen is a junior at Columbia University majoring in Creative Writing with a concentration in Spanish. Having served as Vice President of her class for two years, she has since contributed written pieces and illustrations to many on-campus publications. As a writer with an interest in the beauty industry, Lani intends to pursue a career in either journalism or fashion marketing.


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