Well Being

“Well being is a body and spirit life-long search that brings some lightness to your life.


Interview — (3/23/17)

Dr. Nara Nairi, Micronutritionist

The unique benefits of a micronutrition-oriented diet.

vegetables F

Story — (3/22/17)

The Unexpected Diet That Changed My Life


Story — (3/20/17)


Passing Trend or Long-Term Necessity?


Story — (3/15/17)

Quiet Harmonies


Interview — (3/6/17)

An Empowering Perspective on Egg Freezing


Interview — (3/6/17)

Askinosie Chocolate


Story — (3/6/17)

The Mercury Detox

coffee_text 2

Interview — (3/4/17)

A Fertility Expert on Egg Freezing


Interview — (3/1/17)

Aline Fernandes


Interview — (2/27/17)

Peyton Ladt

Rendez-vous with the founder of Bashed, the online service that books your perfect venue for every occasion.


Interview — (2/22/17)

Dr. Carl W. Bazil, MD, PhD

On some of the most common but also critical lifelong concerns about sleep.


Story — (2/20/17)

The Continuing Battle Against Noise Pollution


Story — (2/22/17)

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This


Story — (2/12/17)

Sweet Dreams

We present a must-try list of remedies, sans Ambien, that will help sleep-deprived New Yorkers fall, and stay, fast asleep.


Culture — (2/14/17)

The Sleep Revolution

In her latest book, The Sleep Revolution, Arianna Huffington argues that the only way to move forward is to close our eyes and get some rest.


Story — (2/15/17)

Nap Time with Nicolas Ronco


Story — (2/6/17)

Herbal Remedies for Chronic Insomnia


Editor's Picks — (2/6/17)

Goodnight Darling Co.


Story — (2/2/17)

Yoga for Sleep

The Supported Bridge Pose


Story — (2/1/17)

Pzizz: Sleep at the Push of a Button


Interview — (1/26/17)

Meet Niki Brantmark

Founder of MyScandinavianHome.Com


Story — (1/22/17)

Walking in a Winter Wonderland


Interview — (1/16/17)

Bodil Blain

Norwegian businesswoman Bodil Blain has developed the next best thing: Cru Kafé.


Interview — (1/12/17)

Emma Swenninger

The actress tells us about her career, her beauty and health regimen, and her passions.

Like a Nordic

Story — (1/9/17)

3 Nordic Living Habits for the Winter

This winter, get in the Nordic mindset by experimenting with these simple but transformational lifestyle changes.


Recipe — (1/17/17)

Winter Root Vegetable Stew


Story — (1/5/17)

New Year, Younger You


Interview — (1/4/17)

Jayne Beilby founder of Tech Tonic


Culture — (1/2/17)


Spirituality and Technology

Story — (11/3/16)

Spirituality and Tech

Technology can even be the ultimate tool to enhance our wellbeing. The key is balance.

The Holidays

Culture — (12/20/16)



Story — (12/12/16)

Travel Essentials for St. Barths


Editor's Picks — (12/12/16)

Off to St Barth’s for a Healthy and Sunny Escape


Story — (12/2/16)

A Yoga Sequence You Can Do With Your Man To Build Intimacy & Trust


Story — (12/6/16)

7 Men Changing the Wellness Industry

With this new information, you can explore what’s out there and find the practices best for keeping your body happy and healthy all year long.


Story — (11/17/16)

Explore BWB’s Dream House 2.0

We’ve handpicked the best of today’s household smart technology to build our dream home.


Story — (11/21/16)

New Techniques for Healthy Minds

Here are ways we can help maintain a stress-free and balanced lifestyle.


Story — (11/21/16)

Five of our Favorite Food Bloggers

Join us as we explore the kitchens (online and off) of these amazing women who are transforming our world, one taste bud at a time.


Editor's Picks — (11/19/16)

Introducing Elvie

Your new best friend to strengthen your pelvic-floor muscles.


Story — (11/19/16)

Beauty and Healthy trends from South Pacific

Here is your BWB selection of some of the trendiest Australian beauty and wellness icons who will surely inspire you to boost your already glowing attitude!


Story — (11/8/16)

What to Watch

5 Favorite YouTube Channels.


Interview — (11/1/16)

Rising Stars

We selected four young, inspiring women who are transforming everything from women’s health, beauty, fitness, and style for the better.


Recipe — (10/27/16)

Moon Muesli

Mineralizes deeply | Energy food

Lauren singer Simply Co

Interview — (10/26/16)

Lauren Singer

Founder of of Simply Co.


Story — (10/16/16)

10 Companies that Support a Healthy Living Environment

10 companies and brands that support a healthy & sustainable indoors to help you stay balanced all year long.


Recipe — (10/25/16)

Cacao Magic Smoothie Mousse

Healthy enough for breakfast, but rich and satisfying enough for dessert, this smoothie bowl fills all of the requirements!


Editor's Picks — (10/23/16)

Philosophie class is in session!


Interview — (10/19/16)

Anne Fontaine

For most of her career, Anne has supplemented her work in design with efforts to make this world a better, more cognizant place.

LOLA tampons

Editor's Picks — (10/21/16)


The all-natural tampons you didn’t know you needed.

Livia Firth Eco Age

Story — (10/8/16)

Eco Age

Livia Firth is dedicated to creating a more beautiful, eco-friendly world. She took her special interest in all things green and founded Eco Age.


Editor's Picks — (10/13/16)


The eco-friendly clothing brand is changing fashion forever.

Alain Ducasse

Interview — (10/5/16)

Alain Ducasse


Story — (10/3/16)

4 Eco Picks By A Beauty Expert

Committed to making a difference today? Here’s who and what you absolutely need to know.

gluten free bread

Recipe — (9/30/16)

A Multigrain Bread Recipe

Filled with dried fruit and grain, this bread is an energy and vitality booster for the whole family.


Story — (9/23/16)

The Low Histamine Chef

Going from a war zone producer for CNN and BBC to an incapacitated duvet-dweller was a humbling experience.

Cure F

Culture — (9/13/16)


United State of Women

Story — (9/16/16)

United State of Women

Aging F

Interview — (9/13/16)

Aging: Facts and Fictions

PackingNYC Sofia

Story — (9/7/16)

Staying in New York

A guide to the glamorous hotels.


Well Being — (9/13/16)

Global Citizen


Aerin Hamptons

Story — (8/31/16)

A Guide to your Labor Day Weekend in the Hamptons

Gut Giulia Enders

Culture — (10/26/15)


The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ.

erica huss zoe sakoutis

Interview — (3/7/16)

Erica Huss and Zoë Sakoutis

These creative entrepreneurs had a lot to say about their new business, and talked to us about their transition from BluePrint, the challenges that came with breaking new ground, and everything that inspired their new invention.

Green Home Clean Air

Story — (9/21/15)

Green Home, Clean Air

Here are 5 things you can do to cultivate clean air in your home.

Seaside Inspired Rituals

Story — (11/23/15)

7 Seaside Inspired Rituals

This summer, we have traveled far and wide, from the Hamptons to Venice Beach to Italy and as far as Istanbul to collect seaside discoveries that will replenish our body, mind, and spirit.

The Benefits of Seafood

Story — (11/20/15)

The Benefits of Seafood

Water Workout

Story — (11/8/15)

Water Workouts

Read more about how many more benefits a little water will add to your workout.


9 Healthy Tips

Story — (7/24/16)

What You Should Embrace For the A Healthy Summer Ahead

restaurants nyc

Story — (7/20/16)

Our Favorite Vegan Options In NYC

Switching to a diet that does not harm our health and the health of the planet has become almost effortless!


Story — (7/17/16)

Nuts for Avocado

It’s high time we examine this fruit and see what all the fuss is about.

8 must read books

Story — (7/13/16)

8 Must-Read Books


Recipe — (7/1/16)

Codfish Salad

City Seat

Editor's Picks — (6/1/16)

City Seat

City Seat provides just what you need: customized, fashionable and comfortable bicycle seat cushions.

Sona by Caeden

Editor's Picks — (6/1/16)

Sona by Caeden

Sona by Caeden is connected bracelet that guides focused breathing sessions with an included breathing pacer, and keeps track of your body’s heart rate, burned calories and steps.

Recipe Toddlers

Recipe — (3/27/16)

Recipes for Toddlers

Toddlers usually love smoothies that introduce new fruits and veggies in funky mixes.


Story — (7/13/16)

Disturbing Sounds, Delightful Antidotes

We’ve become so accustomed to noise we don’t realize how disruptive it is.

green soup

Recipe — (6/19/16)

Green Soup


Story — (7/11/16)

A Leaner Figure Ahead Of Summer

Joanne Guerard Young

Interview — (5/24/16)

Joanne Gerrard Young

Though she has gained notoriety for her impressive roster of celebrity clientele, including Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady she is as humble, grounded, and open hearted as they come. Here is a peek into her food, beauty, and wellness favorites.

Gluten Free

Story — (6/21/16)

Gluten-Free Lifestyle

I’ve done a round-up of some of the new and noteworthy players in town and online catering to the gluten free lifestyle in 2016.


Recipe — (3/21/16)

Kid-Approved Homemade Power Granola

This crunchy, toasted power-packed medley provides belly-filling, long-burning energy.

Millana Snow

Interview — (5/18/16)

Millana Snow

If you’re an N.Y.C, London, or L.A. local, be sure to check out SereneSocial for events near you and treat yourself to a reiki session with Millana while she’s in town. Before you know it, you, too, will be glowing head to toe.

Samantha Boardman F

Interview — (5/17/16)

Samantha Boardman

If you want to change the way you think about yourself and the world around you, visit Dr Samantha Boardman’s blog www.positiveprescription.com for a little free advice and a lot of inspiration.

Debunking Misconceptions

Interview — (5/13/16)

Debunking Misconceptions

The advice given here and furthermore in our publications will help you along the path of good health.

Tara Moscow F

Interview — (5/9/16)

Tara Stiles’ must-haves for a bon voyage

In addition to authoring best-selling books about yoga and healthy eating, Stiles has been busy jet setting across the globe, bringing her Strala Yoga Empire with her.

debunking misconceptions

Interview — (5/5/16)

Debunking Misconceptions

After asking the experts what we felt were the most pressing questions, here is their advice to tell true from false when it comes to our daily diet.

London Favorites 3F

Editor's Picks — (4/26/16)


Check out our London favorites to get a head start on your journey throughout this incredible destination.

Breakfast Criminals

Interview — (4/27/16)

Breakfast Criminals

Thanks to Ksenia Avdulova, Breakfast is having a major moment. She has been changing the world one açai bowl at a time ever since she launched her popular Instagram-turned-blog-turned-eBook-turned global empire, Breakfast Criminals.

Marco Borges

Interview — (5/17/16)

With Marco Borges

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have partnered with their trainer to launch a wildly popular vegan meal delivery service empire called 22 Days Nutrition. Meet Marco Borges, the man behind the company getting so much buzz.

japon feature

Editor's Picks — (4/12/16)


Find yourself wanting to know a little more about Japan? On your next trip, use this trusty guide to will guarantee a fantastic start to your adventure.

Claire Fountain

Interview — (4/17/16)

Claire Fountain

Better known by followers as CBQuality, Claire is the founder and creator of Trill Yoga and Built and Bendy. This yogi feels that Yoga is a way for everybody to get back to their true selves.

Ageless_soul2 F

Well Being — (3/31/16)

Smooth out your Soul Wrinkles


coconut creme brulée

Recipe — (12/14/15)

Coconut Creme Brûlée

This recipe benefits from the use of coconut, a powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and pain killing food.

Lime Tree Sapwood

Story — (6/2/15)

Lime Tree Sapwood Detox

The best anti-cellulite detox of its kind!


Story — (5/30/16)

Carbon38, Vie Active, and Koral

Designer leggings to take you from the gym to a night out are more than a trend.

Hemsley Feature

Interview — (4/19/16)

The Hemsley Sisters

Earlier this month, while in London, I stopped by their launch event for Good + Simple, Jasmine and Melissa’s highly anticipated second book, and took the opportunity to ask them a few questions.

Pierre Gagnaire Recipes

Recipe — (11/23/15)

2 Pierre Gagnaire Seafood Recipes

This vibrant and down-to-earth chef was not only elected best in the world by his peers, but is also the founder of numerous starred restaurants worldwide.


Story — (5/24/16)

Life-changing natural remedies for allergy sufferers

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