“Beauty is an attitude, a sparkle and sometimes a little je ne sais quoi that one can sense without being able to describe it.”

Editor's Picks — (7/4/14)

Summer go-to lipstick!

Eliza Krpoyan introduces us to the Classic Cream Lipstick by Dolce & Gabbana

Editor's Picks — (6/1/14)

This Summer’s Perfect Moisturizing Blush

The new By Terry icy texture blush that melts on like a marshmallow.

Chanel UV essentiel

Editor's Picks — (5/1/14)


The ideal city-sunscreen!

Interview — (5/1/14)

Meeting with Mathilde Thomas

Along with her husband, Mathilde Thomas has created Caudalie, one of the most successful skincare brands in the last few years.

Editor's Picks — (5/1/14)

Kure Bazaar

Kure Bazaar Forever!


Editor's Picks — (6/25/14)

Green Tea for Eyes

This week we have lots of beauty tips for you. Read more on our Editor’s Picks page!

Editor's Picks — (7/1/14)

Clarins Golden Glow Booster

Discover Clarins new self-tanning innovation. 3 drops for a beautiful bronzed skin!

Editor's Picks — (6/12/14)

Vbeauté travel It Kit

Editor's Picks — (5/1/14)

Lavanila, the Healthy Sunscreen

In my opinion the two best active ingredients to look for in a sunblock are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These are natural ingredients that actually block the sun’s rays. Find them in Lavanila.

Editor's Picks — (5/1/14)

Maracuja Miraculous Face Oil

Maracuja oil is renowned for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, highly hydrating and collagen boosting properties. Discover the one from Tarte.

Editor's Picks — (9/11/14)

Faux your Glow

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