“Beauty is an attitude, a sparkle and sometimes a little je ne sais quoi that one can sense without being able to describe it.”

Valerie Halfon

Interview — (2/15/16)

A Conversation with Valerie Halfon

Surviving winter looking cool.

Brightening Creams

Story — (1/18/16)

6 Favorite Brightening & Lightening Creams

This month BWB has found the best products to gently but effectively lighten and brighten your skin.

Tory Burch

Interview — (2/8/16)

With Tory Burch

We recently got the chance to sit down with her to talk about her incredible brand, her everyday inspiration and advice she has for those who wish to create companies of their own as well.

It's all in the Eyes

Story — (1/5/16)

It’s All In The Eyes

We have 6 top eye products that will give your eyes all the support they need.

Glamsquad Beauty

Story — (12/3/15)

5 At-Home Primping Apps You Need To Know

Get ready for the season’s festivities in the comfort of your own home.

Alyssa Campanella

Interview — (1/18/16)

Alyssa Campanella

This pageant princess, model and newly-engaged fashion blogger is a beauty to be reckoned with.

Vanessa Fitzgerald

Interview — (1/11/16)

Vanessa Fitzgerald

She had some time to share with us her passions, how she finds moments of peace every day, and where she discovers the best bites around NYC.

Elie Top

Editor's Picks — (12/14/15)

Elie Top

His unique collection features Baroque-inspired pieces with a distinct modern touch.

Luxurious Body Oils

Story — (12/6/15)

6 Luxury Body Oils Worth Celebrating

Nicolas Cloutier

Interview — (1/5/16)

Nicolas Cloutier

Wanting to hear a little bit more this unique company, we sat down with Nicolas to chat.

Daphné Hézard

Interview — (12/13/15)

Daphné Hézard

The December Interview with Monocle Fashion Director

COOLA Suncare

Editor's Picks — (12/14/15)

Coola Suncare

BWB sat down with Coola, a suncare company, to discuss their organic products and learn about some of the latest trends in the suncare industry.

Shen Jessica Richards

Interview — (12/14/15)

Jessica Richards

Carnegie Hall

Beauty — (11/18/15)

Carnegie Hall


Amanda Sanders

Interview — (12/3/15)

Amanda Sanders

Both on screen, in print, and behind-the-scenes, Amanda has a lot to say about what to wear this holiday, how to wear it and why.

Holiday Candles

Story — (12/7/15)

5 Divine Holiday Candles

This month, BWB selected 5 of our favorite scented, holiday candles to help decorate your home with an aroma that excites the senses.


Editor's Picks — (11/16/15)


Babor Sea Creations

Editor's Picks — (11/16/15)

Babor Sea Creations

Dylan Lauren

Interview — (11/30/15)

Dylan Lauren

We sat down with Dylan to talk a little more about her inspiration, her experience, and life at home with the kids.

sydne summer

Interview — (11/23/15)

Sydne Summer

A Los Angeles based style expert, stylist, TV Host, and Fashion Blogger, Sydne Summer is passionate about creating looks that are not only aspirational, but also very achievable for the busy, fabulous female.

Gwyneth Paltrow Juice Beauty

Editor's Picks — (10/30/15)

Juice Beauty

This month, Juice Beauty’s founder tells us a little bit about her wonderful company, her inspiration and her plans for the future.


Story — (11/9/15)

How To Make Drinking Water An Experience

We need to bring this daily necessity to an entirely new, more exciting level.

Christophe Robin

Editor's Picks — (10/27/15)

Christophe Robin

Restoresea Patti Pao

Interview — (11/23/15)


Patti Pao is the CEO and founder of Restorsea and the new Restorsea PRO line.

Kathrin Werderitsch

Interview — (11/7/15)

With Kathrin Werderitsch

Nicky Hilton Rothschild

Interview — (10/15/15)

Nicky Hilton Rothschild

The New York native sat down to talk to BWB about life as a newlywed, fashion and her new bag collection launching this month.

Kjaer Weis

Interview — (9/28/15)

Kjaer Weis

We are in love with this organic make-up line encased in a stunning metal packaging.

tata Harper

Editor's Picks — (9/30/15)

Tata Harper

Calgary Avansino

Interview — (9/15/15)

with Calgary Avansino

Calgary sat down with us to talk about healthy eating, family, and life in London.


Beauty — (9/17/15)

Activated Charcoal

Natural Beauty

Story — (9/11/15)

Natural Beauty, Redefined

Our makeup bag is stocked with dozens of healthy products but here are some of our favorites.

Carol Alt

Interview — (9/10/15)

With Carol Alt

This month, BWB is honored to share a few words of wisdom on health, nutrition and wellness from the fabulous Carol Alt.


Editor's Picks — (9/10/15)

Loving LOLI

By delivering monthly to your front door, they supply you a cornucopia of individual ingredients thoughtfully packaged with mixing bowls, recipe booklets and suggestions to naturally reconnect you with your love of skincare.

natural beauty tips

Story — (8/10/15)

Natural tips for skin rejuvenation

Prisca suggested crop

Interview — (7/1/14)

Spotlight on Prisca Courtin-Clarins

The French cosmetics empire Clarins can now also count on the granddaughters of the founder to perpetuate the family’s visionary spirit.
We met with Prisca Courtin-Clarins.

Jane Iredale

Editor's Picks — (7/30/15)

Jane Iredale’s Golden Shimmer

This product is the perfect enhancement to any beauty routine and brings self-tanning to life.

coconut and bottles of aromatherapy

Story — (8/20/14)

Crazy for coconut oil!

Coconut oil richly deserves to be a versatile addition to your beauty and wellness routine, if it isn’t already.
Vanessa Baumann dives into the research and shares with BWB readers.

Summer in the city

Story — (7/13/15)

Summer in the City

Before you complain of ennui or head to the Hamptons, check out these stimulating, colorful, and beautiful exhibits, which are sure to elevate your visual IQ.

Michael Kors

Editor's Picks — (7/3/15)

Michael Kors Beauty

Teresa Moore

Interview — (12/10/14)

with Teresa Moore

Exclusive tête-à-tête with the Elite New York model.

Julien farel Magnifique serum

Editor's Picks — (6/28/15)

Magnifique Hair

Magnifique Fortifying Serum is an anti-aging hair serum formulated with cutting edge technology to delay the graying process and improve hair’s youthful texture.


Editor's Picks — (7/1/15)


Talika’s Lipocils Expert is an eyelash conditioning gel that helps lashes appear thicker, darker and longer.

Alix Petit

Interview — (7/9/15)

with Alix Petit

The designer and businesswoman Alix Petit spoke to us on how she manages to stay glowing and healthy while jet-setting across the globe and changing the face of French fashion one crazy, colorful print at a time.

Favorite Self Tanners

Story — (7/21/15)

6 Favorite Self-Tanners for Summer

Want a natural glow? It’s out there. Need to look like a tanning goddess? No problem! BWB has narrowed it down to select 6 favorite self-tanners.

Eliza Bolen

Interview — (7/1/15)

with the elegant Eliza Bolen

Nuxe night

Editor's Picks — (5/29/15)


A revolutionary way to detoxify and repair your skin while you sleep.

Prep Skin Sun

Story — (7/6/15)

Prepare your skin for the sun

Here are some nature-based suggestions in order to spend a nice and healthy summer with a radiant skin.

Fernanda Nieven

Interview — (6/19/15)

Fernanda Niven

Mari Shten

Interview — (6/15/15)

with Mari Shten

I recently sat down with Mari on a warm spring night to discuss the latest makeup trends for summer and get the scoop on how to achieve her praise worthy looks at home.

Paula Medeiros

Interview — (6/8/15)

Paula Medeiros

Today we meet the beautiful Brazilian model to talk about the cities she loves, beauty and fashion.

Sasha Plavsic

Interview — (5/26/15)

Sasha Plavsic

Today she shares her vision of beauty and what products she recommends for the Summer.

Best Body Oils Summer

Story — (6/10/15)

6 Best Body Oils For Summer

Season change is also a good time to re-evaluate what you are using on your body. For me, that means bye-bye rich moisturizers and hello weightless body oils!

Kartika Luyet

Interview — (5/21/15)

Kartika Luyet

Meet the Swiss-Indonesian super-model turned eco-green beauty, behind the chic and eco friendly Kure Bazaar nail polish line.

Tatiane de Souza

Interview — (5/8/15)

with Tatiane de Souza

Today, she shares her story and her self-care tips to help you treat yourself as a goddess every day – are you ready to be inspired?


Editor's Picks — (4/30/15)

Phebo from Brazil

Kypris serum

Editor's Picks — (4/13/15)

Kypris Beauty

It has 24 active, natural ingredients which come together perfectly enhancing the vitality we all desire in our skin.

Rossana Lerdo de Tejada

Interview — (4/29/15)

with Rossana Lerdo de Tejada

Sleeping Beauty

Story — (5/27/15)

Sleeping Beauty

Ensure your skin looks rested even when you’re not feeling it with Charlotte Rochers’ pick of 6 products that ensure real radiance.

Harry Josh

Interview — (4/24/15)

with Harry Josh

sandra mulliez

Interview — (4/17/15)

with Sandra Mulliez

A heart and mind woman, a patron of Contemporary Art.

Anne Fontaine

Interview — (4/6/15)

Anne Fontaine

In an exclusive interview to BWB she talks about her life growing up in Rio de Janeiro, her career and her commitment to protecting the environment.


Story — (5/5/15)

6 Best Natural Deodorants

Fabiana Saba

Interview — (4/4/15)

with Fabiana Saba

Today, she shares some of her best-kept secrets on Brazilian beauty.

Lauren Santo Domingo

Interview — (4/1/15)

with Lauren Santo Domingo

We met to talk about fashion, beauty and travels to South America.


Editor's Picks — (3/30/15)

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

It’s consistency of whipped cream and absorbs immediately, leaving your skin soft, refreshed and on the road to better, brighter days.


Story — (4/8/15)

4 Natural Shampoos


Interview — (3/31/15)

Granado & Phebo

Brazil’s oldest pharmacy was founded in 1870 producing remedies made from plants, herbs and native flowers.

REN beauty

Editor's Picks — (3/9/15)


Keep Young and Beautiful™ Instant Firming Beauty Shot serum improves skin’s smoothness and elasticity.

London Beauty

Editor's Picks — (3/4/15)

Best of British Beauty

BWB’s London correspondent Charlotte Rocher handpicks her beauty favorites from across the pond.

Veronique Forge

Interview — (3/20/15)

with Véronique Forge

The e-magazine that aims at empowering women and gives them confidence to achieve their ambition professionally and in their private life.

Grace Leo

Interview — (3/11/15)

with Grace Leo

She is part of the few visionary hoteliers who changed the industry by identifying the small luxury independent hotel sector as an area of huge potential growth.

wendy rowe

Interview — (3/9/15)

with Wendy Rowe

BWB’s London correspondent, Charlotte Rocher catches up with Make-Up Supremo and Burberry Make-up Artistic Consultant to talk Madonna, Pinot Noir and skin elixirs.

Allegra Hicks

Interview — (3/1/15)

with Allegra Hicks

model Alex Jay

Interview — (2/10/15)

with Alex Jay

Alex Jay tells us how she balances her busy lifestyle as a model with One.1 Management and a nutrition expert at Juice Press, all while connecting with people through her new blog, GLOW.

Juara body cream

Editor's Picks — (4/30/15)

Juara Coffee & Creme

Travel Essentials Yasmina

Story — (3/24/15)

Travel Essentials

Contributor Yasmina Ykelenstam shares with us what a blissed out modern hippie with a head for business and a bod built for Shirshasana neatly folds into her plastic baggy and on-board Marc Jacobs tote.

Susie Wang 100 Pure

Interview — (2/24/15)

Susie Wang

We caught up with the busy entrepreneur to chat about her new career, her favorite products and her beauty and wellness advice for this winter.

London black book beauty

Story — (3/10/15)

London’s Little Black Book of Beauty

BWB’s London correspondent Charlotte Rocher divulges the secret addresses for the capital’s best beauty and wellness pit stops.

winter body oils

Story — (2/18/15)

5 Favorite Body Oils for the Winter

A little TLC and my favorite body oils will bring back soft, glowing skin in no time.

immunocologie skincare

Editor's Picks — (1/29/15)

Immunocologie Skincare

The brand is leading the race right now by focusing on supporting the natural process of the skin’s immune system.

Travel Beauty Tips

Story — (2/10/15)

Travel Tips to Ensure Glowing Skin

Before we set sail it is important to alter our regimen for different climates to ensure a beautiful complexion no matter what the itinerary.

Olive and June nail salon

Editor's Picks — (1/27/15)

Olive and June

Founded on the idea that getting a manicure and pedicure should be ‘downright lovely’.

Leonor Greyl

Interview — (2/23/15)

with Caroline Greyl

In an exclusive interview with BWB she talks about her heritage, her coup de coeur and shares wonderful advice.

Aliza Jabes NUXE

Interview — (2/2/15)

with Aliza Jabès

The woman who dreamed up NUXE shares some of her own beauty favorites with BWB.

Talika Eye Patch

Editor's Picks — (1/29/15)

Talika Eye Therapy Patches

Kirsten Green

Interview — (1/23/15)

with Kirsten Green

Stunning and Inspiring Venture Capitalist – Founder and Managing Director of Forerunner Ventures

Violet Grey

Interview — (1/20/15)

Violet Grey

The luxury beauty atelier and shopping destination created by Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey.

Caroline Wachsmuth

Interview — (1/12/15)

with Caroline Wachsmuth

The beautiful “visionnaire” lives in San Francisco, a city that suits her perfectly and is an ideal location to launch her new projects.

SS15 makeup trends

Story — (2/6/15)

Le Rock C’est Chic

All you need for SS15 is a slick of smudgy kohl and plenty of attitude. Take your cue from this season’s trends and update your look from raw to rebellious.

Paintbox nails

Editor's Picks — (12/29/14)


Healthy Hair

Story — (2/3/15)

Healthy Hair 101

Today with Yasmina Ykelenstam we’ll be exploring the latest do’s and don’ts of non-toxic hair care.

Tata Harper

Editor's Picks — (12/22/14)

My Lips are Loving Tata Harper Skincare

Dr Lisa Benya

Interview — (1/15/15)

Dr. Lisa Benya

The doctor who brings health and beauty together in her innovative wellness spas, CURE.

Kyleigh Kuhn

Beauty — (1/8/15)

with Kyleigh Kühn

The Next model and philanthropist shares with us her her tips to de-stress, her favorite beauty products and places she loves in California.

Fashion trends

Story — (12/28/14)

Color me Beautiful

Nothing is more mood-elevating than a fashion-forward holiday outfit in the season’s best hues.

Ensoma Marion Pernoux

Interview — (1/6/15)

Ensoma Salon

The loft has this je-ne-sais-quoi that was brought by its founder, the green beauty expert Marion Pernoux.

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