Subtle treatments, good posture and a signature scent are just a few of the golden rules for looking chic.

It’s fair to say Clémence von Mueffling has beauty in her blood. Her mother and grandmother were both beauty editors at French Vogue and she grew up surrounded by the most exquisite perfumes, creams and make-up.

“One of my earliest memories was going into the Vogue offices in Paris,” says Clémence, 39, a journalist who lives in New York with husband William, 49, a businessman and their eight-year-old twins Lucas and Anais.

“The editors were so chic and there was the scent of perfume that I’ll never forget.”

From a young age, Clémence was taught the beauty secrets that have made French women the envy of the world.

“I was learning the ultimate beauty advice while I was still practising my ABCs,” she says.

“My mother and grandmother believed that skincare starts young, showing me how to clean my face impeccably before going to bed when I was just 13.

“They also taught me, in their inimitable French way, that beauty is an attitude, a way of taking care of yourself.”

Here, she reveals her top 10 beauty secrets.

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