Microblading, Tattoos, Extensions: The Answer to an Easier Morning.

Despite the loud Instagram makeup trends that continue to rage, a lot of women are feeling a disconnect. They simply want to make it out the door feeling as if they are relatively put together. Because, let’s be honest, who has the time?

Cosmetic tattooing is not the only semipermanent makeup with newfound popularity. To streamline her everyday routine, Clémence von Mueffling, founder of the site Beauty and Well Being, has her lashes tinted and permed at least twice a year. Ms. von Mueffling lives in New York but grew up in Paris, where her mother and grandmother were beauty directors for Vogue France.

“Every neighborhood in Paris has these small beauty institutes, in the way that New York has nail salons,” she said. “I started eyelash tinting at one of them probably when I was 19.” In the summer, she swipes on Comodynes self-tanner, and is out the door.

“These are little tricks to make you feel good and look good,” she added.

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