Clémence von Mueffling, the editor and founder of Beauty and Wellbeing, the website that converts French girl beauty myth into skin and makeup advice, is a third-generation beauty authority—both her mother and grandmother were beauty editors at Vogue Paris. At first glance, von Mueffling is French girl chic in real life. Often bedecked in Carolina Herrera white shirts imprinted with lace cutouts and classic navy trousers, it’s von Mueffling’s incredible skin that makes an impact. With a multi-generational approach to beauty, von Mueffling swaps tips and advice with her mother and grandmother on a daily basis, and believes in a holistic approach to taking care of your skin. “My grandmother always says to go to bed with a clean face. She also told me to find products you love which will make this ritual a really wonderful one,” says von Mueffling.

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