Babo Botanicals organic baby skincare

Our summer selection of organic skin care products suitable for children.

Over the last few weeks, we have mentioned many natural skincare products for adults.
Now, here is a great organic baby skincare line.
I have recently discovered Babo Botanicals. It is a pure and natural line of products. Just the way we like them.
Free of chemical ingredients, it offers a real solution to protect babies’ delicate skin.

The products are made on a certified organic farm in Upstate New York . It is a family run operation.

Babo Botanicals was founded on the principle of delivering smart skin and hair care solutions crafted with rich, botanical performance-based ingredients that protect, wash and moisturize – naturally.
It was founded by Kate Solomon and launched in 2010 after two and a half years of development.
Kate wanted to launch her own brand, which combines sustainable agriculture and plant-based science.

“The products are made on a certified organic farm in Upstate New York in the beautiful Adirondacks, Kate Solomon talks to BWB.
It is a family run operation that produces everything in small batches. Some of the ingredients are grown on the farm like watercress and chamomile while others are sourced locally. The products are actually made in an old red barn that has been restored to perfection with beautiful oak floors and world-class equipment. I love to visit – and often bring the kids! It is a very special place.”

What make these products so perfect to use on the delicate skin of babies and children may be found in the certified organic Nutri-Soothe (™)  Blend.
Kate Solomon explains the blend’s ingredients for us.

“The Nutri-Soothe (™) Blend is an exclusive blend of organic ingredients that deliver anti-inflammatories,  anti-oxidants and vitamins at their highest saturation.
To make this blend, organic calendula, chamomile, watercress and kudzu are steeped in vegetable glycerin for a month.
This allows the botanicals to extract their medicinal and holistic benefits at a very high content.
Then this blend is put into all our Babo products which is why Babo products have such great soothing qualities.”

The new fragrance-free Zinc sunscreens are completely transparent when applied to the skin.

This summer, you will also be able to discover the new fragrance-free Zinc sunscreens.
The clear zinc effect is particularly great and it does not leave the skin white.
We all know that zinc, an all-natural mineral, is the best agent to block harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays, but it is the first time that we see a product with zinc that is so invisible.
Other ingredients such as certified organic green tea, rose hip and organic jojoba moisturize and protect the skin from toxic chemicals and sun damage.

“I am most proud of this formula, says the Founder of Babo Botanicals.
Zinc is the least toxic sunscreen ingredient. We have packed our formula with 22%, which is unheard of.
Plus, it doesn’t leave your skin all white but rubs in clear.”

Ideal for all our little ones!


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