Michèle Evrard Founder of Cosmetics 27

Michele Evrard, a pharmacist by training, created Cosmetics 27 to address the needs of the most demanding skins.

Inspired by her travels in Asia, where she discovered the restorative and regenerative properties of Centella Asiatica, Michèle Evrard, a pharmacist by training, created Cosmetics 27 to address the needs of the most demanding skins. Dermatologists recommend this natural dermo-active skincare line that is proven to repair, reconstruct and hydrate.

We were lucky to meet with Michèle Evrard autour d’un thé at Carette in Paris.

Tell us more about the Baume 27 launched in 2009?

This balm was created as a pure one, made with very little water. You really need to heat it in your hands before you apply it to your skin.
This makes you massage the face and massage remains this first anti-aging trick!

Where can we find these products in the US?

The products are available on many American sites: Dermstore, Beautyhabit and our own

Any news for this Fall?

Yes, we will open 2 stores in Hong Kong this year and 3 more in 2015

About your Beauty & WellnessRoutine: any favorites?

Sleeping! Watch your diet and drink a lot of water.
I use my own skincare line for my face. I mix my products according to my needs.
One needs to learn how to “play” with products.

Do Spas use your line?

The Spas that follow the Cosmetic27 protocol are:

In Paris: l’Atelier (Cecile Cotten- 8 rue du Pont aux Choux- Paris 4eme)
In London: Beauty Works West
In Brussels, Belgium: La Rose des Sables
…and soon a new Hotel Spa Institut Françoise Clément in Luxembourg.

For BWB Michèle Evrard shares her favorite spots in Paris.

Your Parisian Paris
Paris at 5 in the morning! This is when Paris IS the most beautiful city in the world.

Your Touristy Paris
Canal St Martin in a Summer evening.

Your Paris Beauty
I don’t go shopping very often, but when I want to treat myself, I go to the “Printemps de la Beauté” (located in the Printemps department store boulevard Haussman)
For a real treatment: Cécile Cotten at l’Atelier.

Your Paris Wellness
Biking to places… whenever I can.

Your Paris Pleasure
My favorite restaurant: the Flora Danica (Champs-Elysées).
Otherwise, I love the little Italian restaurants of the 17th arrondissement (I discover more of them all the time when I thought it was only possible in New York).
I do have a very private list of bakeries for “brioches” which I’ll be happy to share upon request!


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