Lauren Remington Platt founder of Vênsette

Founder of Vênsette

Vênsette is a professional hair and makeup service that delivers the very best in beauty to your door.

We met with young and beautiful entrepreneur Lauren Remington Platt in her new offices located in the heart of Greenwich Village.
Named “Best at Home Hair Makeup service“ by New York Magazine, Lauren tells us what makes her brand so unique.
It is the technology and the quality. Also, each artist is carefully picked. They are professional, they always arrive on time and wearing Vênsette uniforms.

This season at Vênsette we are big fans of the Burberry makeup line

With the Holiday season we can imagine the huge demand for Vênsette artists!
We asked Lauren about the most wanted looks:
The Siren look which is a light curl. Also the Grace Kelly which is a classic make-up with red lips and an eye line flick. This season at Vênsette, we are big fans of the Burberry makeup line but each artist will also have its own set of favorites.

New York is always a fun and exciting during the holiday season with many wonderful and cosy places to gather with friends, family or a date!
Vênsette’s founder shares some of her favorite NY places.
The Carlyle hotel is my favorite and then the back bar at the Greenwich hotel, Rolf’s the German bar in Gramercy park has amazing decorations and I always love going to St James Church. And of course the shopping on Madison Avenue”

A natural beauty, Lauren also knows what to do in order to keep a healthy looking skin.
“I exfoliate regularly and I like to steam a lot. I use a moisturizer at night and one with SPF during the day. And of course sleep is important too!” She tells BWB.

Finally, we can only imagine seeing this successful company grow; we asked our successful entrepreneur if she could share for our readers some exciting plans for 2015 : “ We opened in Miami this month and are now looking to expand to more markets”.


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