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Ensoma Salon

The loft has this je-ne-sais-quoi that was brought by its founder, the green beauty expert Marion Pernoux.

Ensoma is a beautiful and peaceful white loft spa space – a chic, yet unpretentious Salon de Beauté. This unique environment was the creation of Ensoma’s founder, the lovely Marion Pernoux. A green beauty expert, Marion offers sur-mesure facials, addressing the skin’s particular needs, body massages and yoga.

Marion has a very zen and organic approach to beauty. Her choice of skincare lines include Pangea Oranics (we loved the bar soap that we bought there!), 100% Pure, Sircuit Cosmeceuticals and more.

We loved meeting with her while in San Francisco! Here is what she had to say to BWB readers:

We cultivate a warm interaction with every person who enters Ensoma, while preserving impeccable skills.

Can you tell us what makes Ensoma so unique?

Ensoma is a “sur-mesure” skin care, massage and yoga practice. Every single session is customized to cater to the guest’s needs at a given moment.
Rather than selecting a redundant facial from a set menu, we integrate the most effective formulas to achieve the best results.
We stand out from the corporate type day spa, and the mom and pop beauty parlor, as we deliver high end services, with a snob-free mentality: we cultivate a warm interaction with every person who enters Ensoma, while preserving impeccable skills.
Ensoma represents an accessible sanctuary. It feels like home, a welcoming ‘living’-room.
Guests bring their newborns here, a loved one, or their fury adoptee. It’s a family practice.
We also ensure a constant metamorphosis within the space: rotating art, monthly events, and new interior design.
These are essential aspects of the experience. As guests visit for their monthly rituals, they open the door to a new inspiring venue.

And about your choice of skincare brands used: can you tell us more about them?

Ensoma features Sircuit Cosmeceuticals, 100% Pure, and Dermaquest.
To deliver tailored treatments, we searched for both chirally correct cosmeceutical, and organic formulas, that can interact together towards optimal results.
It is also fundamental that those brands are crafted and manufactured locally.
It is a dream come true to combine potent blends and indulging botanicals.

You regularly show the work of some artists and designers. How did that project start at Ensoma?

Originally, I collaborated with a curator, hosting exhibits for local rising artists in this open space.
When I created Ensoma, it was essential to preserve this beautiful dimension. I find art in every aspect of this practice,
beyond the ‘healing arts’. Viscerally, I am an aesthete: I aspire to surround myself with inspiring visuals, music, scents, plants, natural light, etc.

Daytime skin care: 100% Pure Rose Hydrosol and Coffee Bean Eyecream, followed by Sircuit Addict Serum, and Cloud 9, both by Sircuit Cosmeceuticals.

About You! Can you share with our readers your Beauty and Wellness routine?

My morning starts with three mindful long deep breaths. Setting an intention for the new day.
Before breakfast, I cleanse my system with the juice of a lemon, an excellent source of antioxidant.
Daytime skin care: 100% Pure ‘Rose Hydrosol’ and ‘Coffee Bean Eyecream’, followed by ‘Sircuit Addict Serum’, and ‘Cloud 9’, both by Sircuit Cosmeceuticals.
I ride my bicyclette everywhere in this vibrant, yet hilly city. To keep my mind and body in phase: Bhakti Flow yoga at Urban Flow studio twice a week, an incredible way to detoxify the body and purge your skin.
Lots of ginger infused water, raw kale salad improvised with nuts, dry fruits, peeled beets.
And grounding literature, such as: “La Grande Vie”, by Christian Bobin, or Rumi poetry.
What is positive for your mind is like a prayer for your body.

What are your favorite spots in San Francisco?
To grab a healthy lunch:
The Hall” in Mid-Market is a haven of pop-up healthy food stands.
To have dinner with friends:
Bar Agricole” in SoMa, a glamorous scene in an architectural gem. “Frances” in The Castro, a sweet, intimate exquisite bistro.
To get a juice or snack:
The Juice Shop in Hayes Valley, or Sightglass café in SoMa
To Exercise:
Jogging across Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach, and through Lands End Trail to reach Golden Gate Bridge: epic 10 miles of breathtaking sights, natural high guaranteed.
Transformative yoga classes at Urban Flow.
Playing tag with my insatiable daughter along the beach.
Bicycling or power walking as a way of transportation.
Healthy loving.


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