Annee De Mamiel

Annee De Mamiel

Traditional Chinese Medicine and aromatherapy informed what is now de Mamiel skincare, which sources some of nature’s finest ingredients to treat the face and body.

During a fierce battle with cancer, Annee de Mamiel began investigating the natural practices that made her feel better. Studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and aromatherapy lead to what is now de Mamiel skincare, which sources some of nature’s finest ingredients to treat the face and body. A combination of soothing essential oils, fragrant flower essences, strengthening peptides, and precious gem powders brighten and renew the skin. We asked Annee more about her journey, and for advice on how to maintain a healthy workspace.

Annee de Mamiel

What makes the de Mamiel line so unique?

We address our patients as whole people, rather than a collection of treatable symptoms.

I have studied Chinese Medicine, aromatherapy, and western medicine. These different perspectives allow me to look at people with a 360 view. In making my products, I am very much looking at what happens within the body to cause they problem we see on the skin.

The formulation of de Mamiel products is very held in science and research. Much of what we discover comes from the treatment room. I look at the different people I have been able to treat over time and refine the formulas as we go. The fact that the products are natural is almost just by coincidence; natural products are just what have worked the best.

With our range of sleep products, instead of creating a product that made us feel sleepier, I aimed my treatment at resolving what was keeping people awake.

Tell us about your approach to skincare, and how it’s different from other brands.

Like I mentioned, I begin by examining the internal causes, and look at what is creating the problem that we see on the skin. For example, with our range of sleep products, instead of creating a product that made us feel sleepier, I aimed my treatment at resolving what was keeping people awake.

I studied how the body creates and uses melatonin, and moved back through the physiological processes. To sleep well, we need normal levels of serotonin and good gut health; we also need magnesium and selenium in order to absorb triptofan. All of this forms a part of the path to creating melatonin, and hence enjoying healthy sleep. This informed how I created my products.

We begin on the cellular level, addressing issues that then manifest on a physical level on the skin, and in the meantime help our clients feel better on an emotional level, as well. It’s all a part of how I approach skincare.

What beauty products do you always bring to the office?

I usually have at least a beaker of what I am testing on my desk, and I just slather it on throughout the day. As I cast my eyes on my desk right now, the mist is something that I love having around all the time. The Altitude Oil and the Lip Balm are also staples. The altitude oil is just amazing; it helps me clear my head whenever I need it cleared, and helps calm me down if for some reason I am feeling stressed or anxious.

What is your beauty regimen before heading to work and after?

I start the day by cleansing my face with the Cleansing Dew, because it is a very light formula and just wakes me up a little bit. After a shower, I’ll spray three or four pumps of Mist in my hand and press it into my skin. This way I am really giving my face a lovely dose of hydration. I then put the elixir on, and always, always, always the SPF. I don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup, so I may put on some mascara and lip balm and head out the door.

In the evening I’ll spend a little bit more time on my routine. I always double cleanse to get the day’s grime off my face. For the first cleanse, I use the Dew or the Cleansing Balm. For the second one, I use the Cleansing Balm.

After taking that off with hot water, I’ll rinse with cold water before adding the elixir and the seasonal oil. This part of the routine is all about feeding the skin, about stopping and breathing and massaging the face. I spend a long time explaining to my patients the importance of taking this time for themselves. Instead of trying to find a half hour throughout the day to relax, they can multitask; they have to clean their face anyway – why not make it a mindful, peaceful process?

Do you have any tips on how to make your work space a healthier environment?

We spend so much time at our desks, and I think that having a desk that isn’t cluttered is really important, it helps the flow of chi and keeps you vital. Having a water bottle on your desk is also really important. I love the bottles from Glacce with crystals in them; not only are they pretty to look at but they are also recyclable and sustainable. And like I mentioned before, I also keep a bottle of Altitude Oil on my desk. For me, I just love the way that it clears my head and keeps me motivated.

If our readers had to start with three products, what would they be?

Our Cleansing Balm, the Elixir, and the SPF. The cleansing balm is about washing your day off and de-stressing yourself. Essential oils like rose geranium and cape chamomile help balance the skin, as well. The balm inspires a very calming ritual. The elixir, on the other hand, gives the skin wonderful hydration. It brings the oxygen back into the skin, and brightens it. Finally, the SPF is something that we cannot live without during the warm time of the year.

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