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Vbeauté travel It Kit

Founder of vbeauté Julie Macklowe was a successful hedge fund manager before she started her own skincare line. She wanted to develop a line that had the best technology while being affordable and “clean” (paraben and fragrance free)

Launched 3 years ago, vbeauté has all of the above and is a great success!
We recommend the It Kit for your next trip. This TSA-friendly -yet elegant- clutch includes 5 skincare essentials. It is surprisingly light. It was specially designed to fit into your handbag and taken trough airport security with no problemo!

Julie Macklowe tells BWB more about the It Kit and her Beauty routine for the summer.

“The It kit is all you need to travel – it has your “V” five Skincare essentials – our Swiss botanical anti-age serum, face cream and eye cream, a cleanser and exfoliator – perfect on the go and scans right through security. All our products are based on the Swiss alpine botanical technology and are vegan: fragrance free, paraben free, gluten free, nut and oat free – for a clean anti-age line.”

“I use Evidence Eraser or Rub Off twice a week to cleanse my face in the morning. Then I combine Lite Up and Undercover Agent Serum and follow with a dab of Buying Time everyday cream on the drier areas and Eye Never eye cream. Always use protection- I never leave the house rain or shine without Day Job micronized zinc SPF – a mineral sunscreen. A touch of mascara, vbeaute lip spread original lip gloss and I’m ready to go! In the morning, I normally either use the elliptical bicycle or run outside. After that, I drink a kale celery juice and eat some hard-boiled egg whites with probiotics and some berries. I also have my favorite Dunkin donuts coffee with cream and sugar and I’m ready to go!”


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