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Oolution la solution for your skin!

With names like ‘glow up’, ‘check matte’, ‘whole grain’, ‘age out’ or ‘eye love’, Oolution is the new irresistible French Skincare line.

With one gesture, you take care of your skin all at once, completely and thoroughly, to really tackle your own personal needs.
Oolution formulas are highly diversified in active ingredients to enhance the balance of your skin. Its treatments combine more than 65 active organic botanicals to provide for your every skincare need.

oO’s ingredient charter of ingredients stipulates that their plants are cultivated with absolutely no contact with pesticides and chemical fertilizer. Only organic farming or wild harvesting guarantee that the natural ingredients incorporated in their skincare products are pure and healthy for the skin.

BWB recommends the discovery kit with travel sizes. A must for long-haul flights to stay BWBeautiful!

Find it HERE!


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