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Hanley Mellon Traveling has never been so chic.

Traveling has never been so chic. Whether you’re crossing an ocean or simply crossing the street, Hanley Mellon’s sophisticated sportswear is designed specifically for the chic, modern woman “on the go.”

The clothing tells a story with each seasonal collection drawing inspiration from Hanley and Mellon’s own travels and often featuring collaborations with local artisans.

The Spring collection is all about Kenya with many pieces created in collaboration with Masai women from a small village and Nairobi artisans.
The Fall 2015 collection is Antwerp à la mode drawing inspiration from that city’s fashion students and infused with confidence and innovation. Hanley Mellon also enjoys a bit of time travel such as the pre-Fall Northern Renaissance collection bursting with rich colors like olive greens, golden yellows, reds and sapphire and heavy fabrics in velvet, brocade and silk.

The brand was founded by husband and wife power couple Nicole Hanley Mellon and Matthew Mellon who packed their resumes with careers in fashion (she at Ralph Lauren, Intermix and her own brand Hanley and he at Jimmy Choo and Harry’s London) before jetting off on their new adventure.

The clothing is design to balance fashion and function with easy-to-wear, effortlessly chic, versatile and practical styles that exude classy cool.

The global brand may feature seasonal fashions from all over the world, but Hanley Mellon’s trademark slogan “40.7 degrees north, 74 degrees west” is meant to provide a sense of grounding. The latitude and longitude coordinates describe New York City, the Mellons’ home and origin of the company’s story.
Just click your (designer) heels and you’ll be back in the city that never sleeps. You can also click on to follow Hanley Mellon’s adventures through photos, videos, interviews and more.
Bon voyage!

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Rebecca Leffler is a writer, journalist and wellness consultant. She is the author of best-selling French book Green, Glam & Gourmande and follow-up title Green, Glam & Happy. Her book “Très green, très clean, très chic: Eat (and live!) the new French way with plant-based, gluten-free recipes for every season” was released in 2015. Follow Rebecca at


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