“Beauty is an attitude, a sparkle and sometimes a little je ne sais quoi that one can sense without being able to describe it.”

Interview — (11/26/18)

Wild Moments with Philippe Chantecaille

Explore the edges of the world with photographer Philippe Chantecaille, from Kenya’s vast savannas to Norway’s icy glaciers, and marvel at the exotic beauty of their inhabitants.

Editor's Picks — (11/20/18)

BWB’s Top 4 Favorite Men’s Skincare Brands & Gift Sets

This holiday season, BWB wants to celebrate the men in our lives.

Editor's Picks — (11/16/18)

Best Grooming and Skincare Gifts for Health-Conscious Men

Story — (12/12/18)

Mila Moursi’s Iconic French Facial Massage Takes NYC

Face massages are, without a doubt, the single best non-invasive treatment for improving the quality of your facial skin.

Interview — (11/19/18)

A Weekend with Cheyenne Maya Carty

From rollerskating in parks to strutting down the Victoria’s Secret runway, Chey Maya is the up-and-coming supermodel to keep your eyes peeled for.

Interview — (11/12/18)

Flower Power: Chantecaille’s Mother & Daughter Dynamic Duo

Interview — (11/7/18)

Detoxing with Romain Gaillard

We got the chance to speak with Romain, who founded his company out of a love for purity and an eagerness to support our communities in their healthful lifestyles.

Editor's Picks — (12/10/18)

Festive Fragrances

BWB curates a list of fragrances that will merrily bring a flirtatious sophistication to your life.

Story — (11/13/18)

Valmont: Beehive Beauty and Sustainably Saving the World

At its core, Valmont and its products demonstrate a deeply meaningful appreciation for and an unwavering commitment to our environment. 

Story — (10/18/18)

Should We Be Taking our Beauty Cues from Millennials? YES!

This generation has spoken, and what they want and expect from the beauty industry speaks volumes to who they are as people.

Close snapshot of Afiya Bennett by Timothy Rosado

Interview — (10/21/18)

A Weekend with Afiya Bennett

A fellow blogger and high-fashion model, Afiya Bennett is a walking icon for health, diversity, and empowerment in the fashion industry.

Interview — (10/15/18)

Meet Emily Khasidy: Founder of The Collective Child

BWB sat down with Emily Khasidy, co-founder of Collective Child – a monthly subscription service that delivers quality childrenswear to busy mothers. Emily worked for many years at Paris Vogue before launching her own company.  We spoke with her about her business and her beauty secrets!

Story — (11/19/18)

Beauty Begins with Mother Earth

BWB’s top beauty companies that practice sustainable responsibility.

Editor's Picks — (10/1/18)

Mugler Unisex Cologne

Stop worrying about smelling like a man or woman or both or somewhere in between—smell like you.

Interview — (10/1/18)

A Weekend with Joy Corrigan

Small-town girl turned elite NYC model, Joy Corrigan has graced the glossy pages of Sports Illustrated, GQ, and Galore Magazine and dazzled our Instagram feeds with bubbly, chic snapshots.

Interview — (9/24/18)

With Passion, Marta Sanz: Meet Puig’s VP of Global Corporate Communications

As Vice President of Global Corporate Communications at Puig, Marta Sanz truly and simply understands people across the world with a passion.

Woman wearing sunglasses in city street, photo by Sophia Emm

Story — (9/25/18)

The 411 On Your Neck and Décolleté

With these specialized products, you can give your neck and décolleté the attention they deserve resulting in healthy, radiant, smooth & glowing skin.

Interview — (9/20/18)

Meet India Hicks

BWB sits down with India Hicks, mother, entrepreneur, and founder of India Hicks– a lifestyle company, community, and growing movement in which women define extraordinary for themselves and become an inspiration for others along the way.

Claiborne Swanson Frank

Interview — (7/30/18)

Claiborne Swanson Frank Captures Motherhood

With patience and sensitivity, she captures tender moments between our generation’s most inspiring mothers and their children.

Portrait of Cassandra Grey

Interview — (9/10/18)

Meet Cassandra Grey: Mom, Mogul, & Make-up Queen

BWB had the chance to talk with our beauty inspo Cassandra, founder and curator of Violet Grey, about what she’s keeping in her make-up bag, her weekend calendar, and her suitcase.

Portrait of Alexandra Soveral surrounded by her products

Story — (9/10/18)

A Facial Workout with Alexandra Soveral

The A-list facialist relies on remodeling and deep-tissue massage to lift your muscles with results that last well beyond one session.

Rodin Mermaid

Editor's Picks — (7/24/18)

Rodin: Modern Mermaid, Chic Shimmer

Refreshing floral scents, shimmering powder, and oceanic designs by Donald Robertson make RODIN’s Mermaid Collection the perfect tools to shine this summer.

Editor's Picks — (7/16/18)

Face and Hair Masks: Our Beauty-Editor-Approved List

This summer, give your skin and hair a real pampering with new BWB-tested beauty masks. Whether designed for the hair or the face, beauty masks provide hydration and help prevent dryness.

woman at the beach

Editor's Picks — (7/3/18)

The Flawless Holiday Skin Guide

Combining treatments that deliver with the greatest products means that you can kiss heavy holiday make-up goodbye.

Story — (7/9/18)

A Day at the Beach with Yelo Spa’s LED LightStim Bed

Yelo Spa individually crafts personalized treatments to accommodate crazy schedules, making it easy to include self-care into your daily routine. Their newest addition is the LED LightStim Bed, which is a non-invasive anti-inflammatory treatment that can give you tighter skin, pain relief, and lower blood pressure.

Adelaide Bourbon Eve Denim

Interview — (7/3/18)

Meet EVE Denim’s Timeless Raw Denim Guru: Adélaïde Bourbon

When Adélaïde Bourbon realized that the seventies chic denim she longed for wasn’t easily accessible in stores, she created Eve Denim and made them herself!

summer beauty edit

Editor's Picks — (6/27/18)

Summer Beauty Editor’s Picks

Head into the summer feeling confident with the BWB beach kit in tow.

fashion week photo by presley ann

Interview — (7/9/18)

Presley Ann, Fashion Photography’s Polaroid Girl

Presley’s raw film shots serve as a refreshing look into the imperfect and down-to-earth facets of high-fashion and celebrity life.

surfers by Seymour Templar

Interview — (6/10/18)

EiR NYC: Sustainable Products for the Surf and Sun

EiR prioritizes sustainability, but never sacrifices quality in the process. Jun sat down to share some of her summer wisdom with us.

Photo by Jorge Vasconez on Unsplash

Editor's Picks — (7/2/18)

Savvy Sunscreens for Summer

As you refresh your shelves, BWB recommends six brands that will address all of your modern day expectations for sun protection.

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Editor's Picks — (6/13/18)

Travel Basics

Here are some new, ultra-chic travel basics to make any journey an adventure in elegance.

amanda brooks farm from home

Interview — (4/17/18)

Farm from Home: Interview with Amanda Brooks

The style icon and former Barneys New York fashion director talks about her new book Farm from Home and the opening of her new store.

Annee De Mamiel

Interview — (5/19/18)

Annee De Mamiel

Traditional Chinese Medicine and aromatherapy informed what is now de Mamiel skincare, which sources some of nature’s finest ingredients to treat the face and body.

orgaid organic sheet mask

Editor's Picks — (5/9/18)

ORGAID Organic Sheet Masks

ORGAID has taken sheet masks to a whole other level by creating the first sheet mask manufactured in the USA with certified, organic, botanical ingredients.

Rosa Barney by Matt Licari

Interview — (5/21/18)

Meet Rosa Barney: Model and Body Positive Leader

Rosa’s confidence is inspiring to many, and she is a powerful advocate of body positivity, celebrating women of all shapes and sizes.

The Webster location in Miami

Interview — (9/10/18)

The Woman Behind The Webster: Laure Heriard Dubreuil

A tastemaker and street fashion icon, Dubreuil has transformed her bold use of color and fun pattern trademarks into both The Webster’s brand itself and beyond, into ready-to-wear pieces for her line LHD.

Interview — (8/6/18)


We spent a weekend with Julia Wills and Alex Kummerow, founders of Herbivore Botanicals.

Interview — (8/6/18)

Skin Deep: Interview with Bee Shapiro

A beauty writer for The New York Times, Bee sat down with us to talk about her book, and the inspiration behind what has already become our new beauty bible.

illustration by Moomoi

Editor's Picks — (6/4/18)

Beach Hair: How to Protect It, How to Style It, How to Fake It

Learn how best to nail the holy grail of “beach hair”: protecting it from damage, styling it with minimal fuss and faking it come nightfall.

Tiffany Masterson Drunk Elephant

Interview — (6/28/18)

Meet Tiffany Masterson: Skin Whisperer and Founder of Drunk Elephant

Tiffany Masterson makes creating one of today’s fastest growing skincare brands look easy.

Gucci Westman

Interview — (5/15/18)

Gucci Westman: Consciously Crafted Beauty

In this exclusive interview with BWB, Gucci Westman shared more about her new brand and the secrets to achieving the ultimate natural look.

nicole trunfio

Interview — (4/9/18)

Meet Model, Mother and Entrepreneur Nicole Trunfio

Nicole updated us on her favorite beauty secrets, mother moments, and inspiration for her new exquisite line of jewelry.

seed phytonutrients

Story — (4/18/18)

Seed Phytonutrients: A New Sustainable Beauty

Body care brand Seed Phytonutrients is redefining sustainability within the beauty industry. Their goal is to someday produce Hair, Face, and Body products with 0% environmental footprint.

clemence von mueffling

Story — (6/20/18)

The New Skin Rules: Skincare Tips from The Experts

Good hygiene doesn’t mean burning your skin; it means respecting it. Read more about the best ways to care for your skin.

Interview — (8/15/18)

La Bouche Rouge

Modeled around the idea that luxury can be safe and ecological, Paris-based La Bouche Rouge formulates chic “reds” for the modern woman. BWB had the opportunity to speak with Nicolas Gerlier about his inspiration and his glamorous vision.

poolside by Lucie Gris

Editor's Picks — (4/23/18)

Smart Steps for Spring-Ready Beauty

These steps will put winter in the past, letting your skin embrace the beauty of spring.

mom and baby moomoi

Editor's Picks — (4/13/18)

Mommy & Me Skincare

BWB has selected a few special skincare companies that put mothers and children first by using only safe ingredients that work to balance, soothe, and comfort skin.

Editor's Picks — (3/16/18)

Travel-Ready Beauty

A collection of compact beauty essentials, perfect for your purse.

armoire featured image

Interview — (3/21/18)

Behind the Seams with Armoire’s Ambika Singh

Learn about how Ambika Singh  transformed her passion for wardrobe sharing into Armoire, a service that stands out as unique among the sea of popular shopping and clothing rental options.

mom and daughter sitting

Story — (4/2/18)

Beauty in a Post-Baby World

Amy Wilson Wyles has all the treatments, insider tips and products that will help to tackle some of the most common new mom beauty bugbears.

mom and child by alvaro reyes

Story — (8/20/18)

Time-Saving Solutions from Moms on the Go

We talked to busy moms who run their own businesses and have kids in the mix to find out how they streamline their lives so they can focus on what matters.

Story — (8/6/18)

UMA: Seven Centuries of Organic Oils

Shrankhla inherited a sophisticated repertoire of healing recipes that inspired her to found UMA.

Story — (2/26/18)

40 Years of Authenticity: Biologique Recherche in New York City

Discover the legacy of science-based French skincare.

Story — (8/15/18)

New, Natural Nail Care

Whether you’re already a natural cosmetics junkie, or you’re just starting to turn your shelves green, we have gathered our three favorite brands dedicated to natural nail care, and they don’t skimp on quality, color, or creativity, either!

Editor's Picks — (8/15/18)

Pit Perfect: Natural Deodorants That Work

We’ve rounded up a handful of the perfect pit partners to keep you smellin’ fresh n flowery all the livelong day. (And we’ve tried every single one)

Interview — (3/19/18)

Through the Lens of Alana Tyler Slutsky

Inspired by graphic elements and bold use of color, beauty photographer Alana Tyler Slutsky breathes new life into cosmetic products.

Editor's Picks — (3/12/18)

Jet Set Eyes

Browse our selection of ready-to-go eye masks that will fit right in your purse.

Interview — (3/12/18)

Lucrezia Buccellati

Interview with Buccellati’s co-creative designer.

Interview — (3/12/18)


BWB spoke to Rosemary Gaudiuso of Innisfree about the latest K-Beauty trends, unique Innisfree secrets, and her own personal favorites.

Renata Zandonadi

Interview — (3/14/18)

A Weekend With Renata Zandonadi

We sat down with the Brazilian beauty to steal some of her lifestyle secrets.

Editor's Picks — (3/5/18)

BWB’s Winter Toolkit

Snuggle up knowing your skin is hydrated, smelling beautiful, and feeling fresh.

Interview — (3/21/18)

A Weekend With Sharam Diniz

Sharam is both a model on the runway and a model of confidence, self-love, and self-expression that speaks to women worldwide.

Interview — (2/20/18)

Olivia Jordan

The beautiful model shares her rituals to stay warm all winter long.

Story — (1/7/18)

8 Eco-Brands Building a Better Environment

Editor's Picks — (2/25/18)

BWB’s Favorite Beauty Finds in the Pharmacy

BWB’s beauty editor-approved guide to navigating the drugstore!

Editor's Picks — (2/19/18)

Spring Skin Starts Here

Whether your skin is in need of moisture, renewal (or even both), these products will uncover the skin you’ve always wanted.

Interview — (7/30/18)

Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse: Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland, principal ballerina at American Ballet Theater, is this Estée Lauder fragrance’s – and all of our – Modern Muse.

Interview — (2/28/18)


We spent a weekend with Julia Wills and Alex Kummerow, founders of Herbivore Botanicals.

Editor's Picks — (2/9/18)

Our Favorite Body Creams to Combat Dry Winter Skin

Cozy up with BWB’s favorite selection of body creams!

Interview — (12/2/17)

Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse: Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland, principal ballerina at American Ballet Theater, is this Estée Lauder fragrance’s – and all of our – Modern Muse.

Interview — (2/8/18)

Sif Saga

The Icelandic born model shares with us her at home beauty and wellness secrets.

Interview — (1/11/18)

Pinch of Colour

The first waterless beauty brand delivering beauty with a cause;
BWB interviews CEO and founder Linda Treska

Interview — (1/25/18)

Sana Jardin: A True Flower Revolution

An interview with founder Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed on starting the world’s first socially conscious luxury fragrance house

Editor's Picks — (1/11/18)

Your Natural Skincare Wardrobe

The results-driven chemical-free products your skin will love

Interview — (12/19/17)

Krigler Perfume

Story — (10/2/17)

Japanese Beauty

The Japanese products everyone should own

Story — (7/19/17)

Beauty Superfood: Watermelon

Interview — (3/5/18)

La Bouche Rouge

Meet the founder and CEO Nicolas Gerlier

Editor's Picks — (1/14/18)

New Year, New Makeup

the latest products and useful tips from some our favorite natural beauty brands

Story — (7/19/17)

Dealing With The Aftermath of Sun Exposure

Interview — (12/20/17)

CLĒ Cosmetics

Interview with CLĒ founder, CEO, & creative director Lauren Jin

Interview — (12/3/17)

Holiday Hair with Rossano Ferretti

Editor's Picks — (12/13/17)

Glow Getters

Whether you’re on holiday in the Bahamas or attending a glamorous soirée, here are the top-to-toe glow enhancing tips and tricks to try.

Editor's Picks — (12/12/17)

BWB’s Luxury Holiday Gifts

Editor's Picks — (12/4/17)

Beauty and Well Being’s Top 5 Men’s Skin Care Brands

Interview — (10/24/17)

Pai Skincare

Celebrating 10 years of Pai with Founder Sarah Brown

Interview — (10/11/17)

African Botanics

Products that convey the rich diversity of the African landscape.

Editor's Picks — (10/12/17)

Turning Habit into Ritual

Sponsored Post

Editor's Picks — (11/14/17)

Top Best Beauty and Wellness Apps

Interview — (10/20/17)


An interview with Roger Schmid, head of NaturaBrasil US.

Interview — (10/11/17)

Mathilde Favier

Christian Dior VIP director

Interview — (10/9/17)

Gee Beauty

Toronto’s beauty destination with Stephanie Gee.

Interview — (4/23/18)

Skin Deep: Interview with Bee Shapiro

A beauty writer for The New York Times, Bee sat down with us to talk about her book, and the inspiration behind what has already become our new beauty bible.

Editor's Picks — (4/25/17)

Family Sunblock Made Easy

Interview — (10/1/17)


Part I: a day in the city of castles, hot springs, and spas.

Interview — (10/2/17)

Budapest, Part II

Margaret de Heinrich, Founder of Omorovicza

Editor's Picks — (7/25/17)

Ellis Brooklyn

Eco-friendly, small-batch luxury fragrances

Story — (7/5/17)

Summer Saviors

Whether it’s a last-minute invite to the beach or an important summer soirée, ensure you look and feel your best with these failsafe products.

Interview — (9/26/17)

Ubah Hassan

Somali-Canadian model and driven philanthropist

Interview — (10/11/17)

Korean Beauty

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